Gosh “Metallic Green”

IMG_5679I have finally finished swatching all of the polishes that Lindsay sent me! Or at least I’m pretty sure that I’ve shown you guys everything now.  I did a swap with a lovely girl north of the border back in early November.  Lindsay was so kind to send me some amazing polishes that I can’t get in the US, like Misa and Gosh.  I wish that I could get Misa and Gosh in stores here but sadly, I’ve never seen any.  If you live in the US and know of a place where I can get my hands on some Misa’s, please please please let me know in the comments below! But we did this swap back in November and I have actively been trying to wear every single polish and not let the ones she picked for me fall into the pit of my untrieds.  So I feel kind of accomplished right now to say that I’ve tried them all out! And I have a frosty polish left that seems so appropriate for the winter.

IMG_5681Gosh “Metallic Green” is a light sea foam green frosty metallic.  It kind of reminds me of all of those Chanel “Peridot” dupes when I look at in the shade, like the picture on the right shows.  It has a slight gold shift to it but its very slight.

The formula on this polish was amazing and a little awful at the same time.  What was amazing is that this is just 1 coat.  This is a total 1 coater polish! The other amazing part is that I think this may be one of the fastest drying polishes I’ve ever tried! It seemed completely dry by the time I took the brush off the name.  This is definitely a polish that will be a go to when I’m in a major rush.  Downside is that this polish shows every single flaw in my nails, no matter what base coat I put down.  But its hard to outweigh the fact that this is such an easy polish to work with.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite 1 coat polishes?

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