Nyx Retractable Eye Liner Review!

A few months ago I watched a makeup tutorial on YouTube for an everyday eye look.  I wish I could remember who the YouTuber was who made the video, but I’m not subscribed to her and found the video randomly when clicking through related videos.  She did a neutral eye that was very ordinary and similar to what I do every day but instead of using a black liner on the water line or not using any liner at all, which I normally chose to do, she used a gray liner.


I had never though to use a gray liner on the waterline but the effect that it gave was stunning in my opinion.  It gave her eyes definition but didn’t close them in, make them look smaller or make it seem like she was wearing a lot of makeup.  The next day I went to Ulta on a mission to find a gray liner for my waterline.

Since I had never tried that look before and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money,  I checked out the Nyx display and they had a gray liner! And they had a gray liner in a formula and line I had never tried before, the retractable eye liner line.  I have a lot of the slide on pencils and really like them so was excited to try out a line of pencils that I wouldn’t have to sharpen.  But does this pencil live up to the other liners from Nyx?

Keep reading for my full review!

IMG_5236The packaging is nothing remarkable.  How different can twist up liners really be? The formula of this liner is really similar to the glide on pencils.  It isn’t too hard but not so soft that you have to worry about it melting or losing its shape when you apply too much pressure.

The application of this is really really similar to the other Nyx pencils too.  What I found with the Nyx pencils is that the best way to apply them is to apply 1 coat, wait for it to dry or set for a minute or 2, and then apply another layer.  The first coat goes on a little patchy and a little light, but the second coat gets it completely opaque and very rich in color. What I do is that I apply the first coat, then apply a layer of mascara, and then apply a second coat and then finish off my mascara.

IMG_5237What I like: This is the perfect shade of gray in my opinion.  It isn’t so dark that it looks like a faded black, but it isn’t so light where it looks like a dirty white, like you applied white liner but then your mascara smudged onto your waterline.  I also love that it is a matte finish rather than a shimmer.  And the longevity is the best part! I tested it on a school day where I literally have class for 12 straight hours and I normally wear my makeup for about 15 hours.  It lasted the entire day without any fading except for the inner and outer corners where my eyes naturally water.

What I don’t like: Same complaint with the other Nyx liners … the application.  Once these go on, they’re on to stay, but putting them on takes some patience.  Like I stated above, the best way I found to apply these to get an opaque color is to apply 1 coat, let it set on its own for a minute or 2 and then apply another coat.  The first coat is a little light and patchy.

Overall, I really like these retractable liners because they are so affordable and really are a great bang for your buck.  While they aren’t my favorite liners I’ve ever tried, they last all day on my waterline.  That’s what really matters right?

Grade: A-

Price: $3.49

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