Sally Hansen “Lava”

IMG_5693This post is long overdue! Back in October or November, one of my friends on YouTube, Yukia aka WarmVanillaSugar0823, showed this polish a video.  I immediately starting lusting after it!  And then when I heard that if you layered it over black it is similar to MAC “Bad Fairy”, I had to have it.  Of course after that I couldn’t find it anywhere.  She very kindly found a bottle and sent it to me.  I immediately put it on and have had this post in my unblogged folder on my computer for almost 4 months now! I’m sorry this post is sooo late! On the bright side, you can find the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine line almost everywhere now! I think this polish is almost the epitome of a fall polish because its duochrome shifts to every color of the changing fall leaves, I also think its really appropriate for the changing season into spring and summer.

IMG_5701Sally Hansen “Lava” is a duochrome that is ultra ultra shimmery! It shifts from an orangey red, to orange, fuchsia, and gold.  It seriously is like a fire on your nails, or changing leaves.  Which makes me think this might be a staple polish in the fall and summer.

When you apply it it applies like a microflakie that just compounds on top of itself.  The finish is very similar to OPI “Golden Eye” where it comes out as an almost-flake but creates a really gorgeous and dimensional finish.  But also like Golden Eye, this baby is sheer.  This was 3 coats to get it completely opaque.  Also, the dry time takes a long time just like Golden Eye.  And also like Golden Eye, this gets EVERYWHERE when you remove it.  I had gold and orange glitter all over my skin for a few days.  But since its such a pretty and unique color, I will have to put up with it!

And I had to take pictures of the full shift so you guys can see how cool this polish is!




What do you guys think? Do you have any of the Lustre Shines? What are your favorite duochromes?

12 thoughts on “Sally Hansen “Lava”

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I couldn’t find it any where! I looked online and was able to find it at and but I did NOT want to pay $5 for shipping, especially from walmart considering I had bought nail polish (both more expensive and less expensive brands) in the past and only had to pay $0.97 for shipping for them! I didn’t want to pay that much! SOOO (lol) later I spotted it on and I just sucked it up and bought it. I did see it recently at a Target but I didn’t have the money to get an extra one! I had a question-have you tried to layer this polish over black? I haven’t worn it yet but I did swatches of it by itself and over black (I think it looks a little bit better over black. I think it looks a little more saturated but maybe it’s me) and I think it only took two coats. Well, I guess either way you look at it it is still three coats of polish! lol 🙂

    • i layered one nail over black and it looked really good! the duochrome was a lot stronger over black. but at the time i was in one of those moods for a different color, so i just was testing it. i will definitely have to do a full manicure over black. now i will definitely have to try it! thanks for the suggestion!

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