Throwback Thursday! Misa “Fashionista”

IMG_5827Happy Valentines Day! And welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday! This post will hopefully be really quick because I’ve had a really really long day.  I had my normal school day today, which is about 14 hours on Thursdays, and then afterwards I went out with my sweetie.  It wasn’t to celebrate Valentines Day, we are planning on celebrating that on Saturday, but we had tickets to see the cast of the Walking Dead.  I’m a massive Walking Dead fan! Well, I’m a fan of anything in the horror genre, and I’ve been watching the Walking Dead since it premiered.  I got my boyfriend into it and now its our Sunday thing.  So I bought us tickets to a special panel discussion with the actors who play Maggie, Andrea and Merle, as well as Greg Nicotero as a joint Christmas present.  I just got home and although this is a little bit of an older of a swatch (I wore this over a month ago), I still wanted to post it because the polish is a favorite of mine.

IMG_5830Misa “Fashionista” is a warm purple beige.  There is a slight rose tone to this polish, which makes this polish almost like a chameleon.  In the sunlight, as pictured, it looks very purple, but in the shade and indoors it looks like a rose nude color.  Zenorah sent this polish to me in our swap last year and it has turned into one of my most worn polishes.  It just looks so chic but also appropriate for every occasion.

The formula on this polish is amazing as well.  It applies so smoothly and is easy to control.  It isn’t too thick or thin, really the perfect goldilocks formula.  It takes 2 coats to get completely opaque and it has a pretty good dry time.  I just really like this polish and I may have to buy a back up!

What do you guys think? Do you have any polishes that you turn to for every occasion?

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday! Misa “Fashionista”

  1. Sounds like you and the bf had fun Valentine’s plans! I also like “dark” stuff but have never seen The Walking Dead. Wonder if it’s on Netflix? Anyway…I love that Misa color and like you have been reaching for neutrals lately. I’d say my go-to polish is probably Zoya’s Jana. Neutral and gorgeous!

    • you definitely should check it out! i know the first 2 seasons are on netflix. the first season just has 6 episodes because it was supposed to be a mini series but got such a huge fan following that they made a regular season. it had its mid-season premiere last week and set a record for the most viewers for a premiere in TV history. you should check it out you won’t be disappointed. and thanks for the suggestion for zoya’s jana! now i have another polish to add to my extremely long wish list! lu you always do that to me!

      • 😀 Of course I follow it! The only thing is that we’re a week behind with the USA with the episodes. Think Rick is going crazy… that’s for sure.
        I think Darryl is awesome. Curious how the group will survive now he’s gone.

      • rick is a little crazy but just wait until this week! omg it was so good and not to be too much of a spoiler but i think rick will soon snap out of this crazy train ride hes on. the next episode gets crazier in the beginning tho!

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