Deborah Lippmann “Cleopatra in New York”

IMG_5969A while ago, my dear friend Zenorah posted a review of this polish on her blog (go here to check out her post!).  After seeing her pictures, I immediately added this polish to my wish list.  I was very fortunate and got some money for Christmas and the first thing I purchased was this polish.  I absolutely love Deborah Lippmann glitters.  I think that every single one of my Deborah Lippmann polishes made my favorite colors lists, and if you haven’t seen those posts, I made videos and blog posts all about my favorite polishes in each of the color categories.  So when I saw that she came out with another version of her famous jelly based chunky glitters, but this one was black and gold, I was instantly in love.  And like her other glitters, this did not disappoint!

IMG_5975Deborah Lippmann “Cleopatra in New York” is a black jelly with chunky gold glitter and regular sized gold glitter.  This is in your face decadent! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a rich polish on my nails before.  Flashes of the gold Chanel C’s against a black background or black dresses with gold jewelry worn on the red carpet come into my head.  And I love how both the black and the gold don’t get overtaken by each other.

The formula is very thick and dense.  This is so packed with glitter that its almost hard to apply.  Applying this is almost like applying tar with rocks in it.  The glitters go on but don’t really move around.  Once they’re on the nail, they pretty much stay there.  But being super dense, its really opaque.  This is completely opaque in 2 coats and the dry time is really fast.  Be prepared for multiple coats of top coat if you like a smooth surface, because this one is thirsty! I had 2 coats of top coat on this and it still wasn’t perfectly smooth.  I still love this polish, regardless of the thick formula.  Its just so stunning!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? What are your favorite Deborah Lippmanns?

14 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann “Cleopatra in New York”

    • they’re definitely worth it! some of my favorites are across the universe, lets go crazy, this one, and mermaids dream. there are dupes for others tho so you can save your money …

      DL “Ruby Red Slippers”: dupe Spoiled “Ants in my Pants” $2
      DL “Bad Romance”: dupe Revlon “Facets of Fuchsia” or “Scandalous” $5
      DL “Lady Sings the Blues”: dupe Revlon (i can’t remember the name)
      DL “Candy Shop”: dupe Claires “Candy Shop”
      DL “Superstar”: dupe Spoiled “Cougar Attack” $2

      so you can save yourself some money on ones that haven’t been duped already

  1. OMG!!! it loook stunnninnngggg on you!!! so glad you got it!!! now i wanna go wear it again! lol. I love this polish so much, I might even buy a back up. It’s literally ME in a bottle of polish, represents my personality to a tee!

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