Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Collection!

IMG_6072Today I have for you the second 6 piece collection from the Color Club Halo Hues Collection!  This is part 2 of the collection.  Color Club released these first 6 polishes in late 2012, and then released another 6 in the beginning of January. So if you want to see the first 6 colors, you can check them out here!

Keep reading to see the first 6 polishes!


IMG_6183First up we have Kismet, which is a yellow-green holographic.  Its a chartreuse kind of color.  I really like this polish and is a totally unique color holo from all of the ones I’ve seen.


IMG_6114Cosmic Fate is a peach holographic.  Against my skin tone it almost looks like a nude, because I have such peach-pink toned skin.  This is another one of my favorites! This and Cherubic from the first part may be my 2 favorites of all of the Halo Hues, but its also because I’m loving these flesh toned polishes at the moment.


IMG_6157Miss Bliss is a pink holographic.  Its darker than Halo-Graphic from the first part of the Halo Hues collection.  I really like this one as well, but its so close to the other pink one that you may not need both.


IMG_6225Eternal Beauty is a purple holographic.  This one really is a beauty! It is so stunning in the pictures and real life.  I wore this yesterday and have never gotten so many compliments in my life! I sat down in class and the 5 girls that sit around me were all like “WOW”, and then later I had a few more girls compliment it too.  Whether you’re in direct light or in the shade, the purple tone is just gorgeous!


IMG_6230Over the Moon is a blue holographic.  I was a little disappointed with this one because I thought the linear holo would be much stronger.  Its less linear than the rest, showing a little more like a scattered holo in the pictures.  Also really pretty, but not my favorite out of the 12.


IMG_6215Last but not least is Beyond, the black holographic.  This one is stunning! But I will say this isn’t a true black.  I swatched it next to Zoya “Storm” and you can tell its a really dark charcoal grey rather than a true black.  Still really pretty though.

The formula on these were all exactly the same, the perfect middle ground between thick and thin consistency.  They all applied so smoothly! And my favorite part is that all of these can be 1 coaters with 1 thick coat! A lot of them I did just apply 1 thick coat, but some I took my time and did 2 thin coats.  The dry time is really fast as well so these are turning into go-to colors for a fast manicure.

Overall I absolutely LOVE these!! I haven’t been this impressed with a collection in so long! I will say that the blue was a little disappointing and the pink is so close to the purple and pink in the other part of the Halo Hues collection that you might be able to skip on 2 of them.  If you don’t want to buy all of them, you can pass on 2 of them depending on which ones you have a preference for.  Me personally, I like them all so I’m glad to have them all in my collection!

Stay tuned for a gallery of all of these together with the first part! And if you guys want to see a comparison post of any of these let me know!

What do you guys think? Do you have any of these? Are any of these are your wishlist?

8 thoughts on “Color Club Halo Hues 2013 Collection!

  1. *needs to fan self from overexposure to gorgeousness!* OMG!! I have to hunt down these holographics!!! they are breath taking! looks soooooooooooo beautiful on you girl!

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