February Julep Mavens Box

IMG_6013Better late than never right? I know March is a mere 6 days away, but I have my February Julep Mavens Box to share with you today.  This post is coming a little late because this came with a top coat and nail treatment that I wanted to really try out before I gave y’all my opinion.

I will say that I was really happy with my box this month, but this may be my last Julep Maven’s box.  After being a Maven for a year and a half, I’m ready to try another service.  So please let me know which services you would recommend! Ipsy/My Glam Bag, Birchbox, Seasons Box, and all the other examples.

Anyways, now on to what came in the box!


IMG_6015Oxygen Nail Treatment: This is supposed to be a nail treatment to fortify nails with the power of oxygen.  When I read the instructions I totally thought of all the oxy-clean commercials that say oxygen is this miracle stain lifter and cleaner.  The instructions tell you to use this treatment once or twice a week, without adding nail polish over top, and it will fortify your nails and make them really strong.

For someone who is a nail polish addict like myself, asking me to not put nail polish on twice a week is rough! I did it to try it out and give the treatment its fair chance, but didn’t see too much of a difference after 3-4 weeks.  I know that treatments like these take time to really work, but its such a small bottle that I think by the time you would see any results, the bottle would be practically gone.  Needless to say, this didn’t really do it for me.

Freedom Polymer Top Coat: This is a fast dry top coat that’s supposed to have the lasting power and effect of a gel manicure.  I was a little scared to try this one as well because the instructions say that you put it on then it dries in the sunlight in 5 minutes, or you can put your hands under a 60 watt bulb for 2 minutes and it will be dry.  I was not about to sit under a table lamp for 2 minutes to wait for my nail polish to dry.

However, it wasn’t like that at all.  It acted like a Seche Vite or Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat and was dry to the touch almost instantly.  The brush made it so a lot of product would come off on each nail, so be careful to remove all products from the edges of the brush.  Overall, I really like this top coat! I have heard other bloggers say that it created chipping almost instantly, but because I normally don’t keep my polish on for longer than a day I didn’t experience any chipping.  But be weary if you expect a week long wear from this top coat.

IMG_6017My two “freebies” were an eye lash curler and 2 chocolate hearts.  The hearts were the crunchy style hearts, and were eaten right away.  The eye lash curler on the other hand did not work well for my eyes at all.  I know everyone’s eye shape is different, so this may work really well for some of you, but for me it wasn’t curved enough and pinched my eyelids.


IMG_6047Laura is an army green creme.  I have to say I absolutely love this color.  I don’t have anything like it in my collection and for me its a great winter color, because its murky and dusty and matches my general feelings when you don’t see sunlight for months.  The formula was a little watery but pigmented.  This is 2 coats and the dry time was pretty good.


IMG_6050Artificial Light



Ginger is a darker nude holographic.  The holo isn’t strong at all in this polish and actually it was hard to get it to come out even in artificial light.  But this is still a great great neutral polish! I am absolutely in love! It reminds me a lot of Butter London “All Hail The Queen” except this has even more shimmer than that polish.  The formula was impeccable on this polish as well! It basically applied itself and dried really quickly.  This is 2 coats.IMG_6019

I also purchased 1 add on because I had points for a free polish:

IMG_6044Sally is a yellow toned beige pastel creme.  I am in love with this polish! I love how stark and clean this polish looks against my skin tone.  Its bright but still subdued because of the neutral base.  This reminds me a lot of one of the new Zoya spring colors.  The formula was great but it had the slowest dry time of the 3 polishes.  This was opaque in 2 coats and evened out nicely on the nails.

Overall, I absolutely love the polishes and the top coat, but the other things weren’t great.  I hope to do a comparison post with Butter London “All Hail the Queen” to see how similar that and Ginger are.  And I have a feeling Sally will get a lot of use this spring.

What do you guys think? Are any of you Julep Mavens? What did you get in your box?

10 thoughts on “February Julep Mavens Box

  1. You should try Square Hue. You get 3 nail polishes a month for $21. They seem to be of great quality and really nice colors. They’re way better than Julep.

    • i was thinking of square hue! i’ve gone on their website a lot, contemplating on whether to sign up. i like that you get full size bottles and i heard the quality is great, but i’m nervous that you don’t get to pick your shades. i have so many polishes and really try to avoid having too many dupes. but i’ll definitely give it a shot!

    • umm it depends on which makeup products you’re looking for. if you’re looking for eye shadow, mascara or liner, i have a few suggestions. if you’re looking for foundation or powder, you could always try a BB cream or CC cream. i use Jasmine Water BB cream for my every day foundation and i have semi-sensitive and red skin. if youre looking for a regular foundation, covergirl has a line dedicated for sensitive skin called the clean sensitive line. do you know which products you’re looking for?

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