Hare Polish “Pegasus”

IMG_6020Happy Oscars everyone! And Happy Daytona 500 for those of you who love NASCAR! The Oscars are pretty much a holiday for me and my mom.  My mama instilled in me a long time ago a tradition revolving around the Oscars, a tradition that I’ve forced on my boyfriend.  Every year when the Oscar nominations come out, I have to see all of the best picture nominees.  We go to the movies almost every weekend until we can see each and every movie.  This year I missed 2, and I’m a little disappointed because now I can’t make true predictions for who I want to win.  We also love the TCM Best Picture marathons that happen every year.  Watching all of these amazing movies really helps me beat away those winter blues and gives me something to look forward to when we are housebound every February.  So today I wanted to show a nice, spring time polish with a little glitter for all the glitz that we will be seeing tonight!

IMG_6023Hare Polish “Pegasus” is a lavender creme with silver chunky and small glitter.  If you guys have been following my blog for a while then you know that Hare Polish is my all time favorite indie brand.  I love all of Nikole’s creations, and this one is no exception.  Lavender doesn’t always love my skin tone but this is the one lavender polish that I don’t want to take off right away.

The formula is really thick! Its opaque in 2 coats but is almost like applying tar that’s littered with rocks.  The glitter doesn’t move around when you apply it though, once its on its not going anywhere.  The dry time is really great as well.  But be prepared for a few coats of top coat to get a smooth surface because this polish is thirsty! I still love this polish, I think its perfect for spring and its turned into one of my favorite Hare Polishes.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite indies? Or favorite Hare Polish?

15 thoughts on “Hare Polish “Pegasus”

    • oh that would be gorgeous! hopefully theres a company out there that makes a polish like that! if not you could layer OPI “Pirouette My Whistle” or Nubar “White Polka Dot” over a lavender

    • oh man it was hard! i absolutely loved argo, silver linings, les mis, and django. but i was between argo and les mis for best picture, but if any of the 4 won i would have been happy

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