Loreal Caresse Wet Shine Stain Review!

IMG_6119This may be a little redundant to say now, but the drugstore has been bringing it when it comes to lip products.  I’m not a lippie obsessed person but I have been going a little stain/gloss/butter crazy with all of these new releases.  The last year plus it seems like drugstore brands have been releasing a ton of new lip products and all of them set the bar a little higher.


Loreal recently released the Caresse Wet Shine Stains, which are meant to be drugstore dupes for the popular YSL Glossy Stains.  I have had the Glossy Stains at the top of my long list of products to try so when I heard that there was a drugstore dupe available for under $10 I started my hunt.  I found a full display at my grocery store, of all places, and picked up 2 of the lighter colors.

Keep reading to see my full review and these bad boys on my lips!

IMG_6122Packaging: I really adore the packaging and applicator.  The gold tubes look really nice and aren’t like any other drugstore packaging that I own right now, and kind of resemble the YSL original.  But it does create a lot of finger prints.  Also, I absolutely love that you can see the actual product at the top so it’s easy to pick a color.

The applicator is a little weird.  Its a straight and harder applicator that has a hole in the middle.  I don’t really know what the hole is for, but it doesn’t help apply more product.  Actually, I have to dip the wand in the product a few times to get more product.  That’s my only complaint about the packaging.

IMG_61241 coat of Pink Perseverance and Lilac Ever After.

I just did one coat to show that these lighter colored gloss stains go on a little bit sheer in the beginning, especially Pink Perseverance.  But they are really glossy.

IMG_6126I wanted to show you the staining power of these Wet Shine Stains.  I had this on my hand for 2 minutes tops, to apply it and take the picture above, and then removed them with a makeup wipe.  This is how much they stained in just being on my hand for 2 minutes!

Now onto the colors!

Application: I did want to note that the way I was told to apply these is similar to the YSL Glossy Stains.  You apply 1 coat, let it dry a few minutes, apply a 2nd, to set the first and let that dry a few minutes as well, and then a 3rd for the ultimate color and gloss.  That’s how I applied both of these.

IMG_6118Pink Perseverance

A very light pink with a subtle silver shimmer. I don’t know if my lips are too pigmented but this shows up very very sheer on my lips.  I think its too light because it barely gives my lips any amount of color.  It looks like a sheer gloss after 3 coats.

IMG_6207Lilac Ever After

This is a mauve color with gold shimmer.  Beautiful color in the tube! If you look at the pictures above it looks much cooler and more purple.  It looks like a mauve in the tube but almost a brick red on my lips.  The color definitely changed a lot from what I expected.

What I liked: I love how these feel! They aren’t sticky but they feel like a gloss that has been on your lips for about an hour and has “hardened” a little.  Do you know what I mean? They aren’t slick, they aren’t thick, they aren’t sticky, and they aren’t uncomfortable.  I absolutely love the feeling on my lips.

Also, these do stain! The Lilac Ever After shade will leave my lips that brick red color all day.  The glossy look and feeling stays on your lips for about 4-5 hours as well.  I ate with these on and they stayed on.  I drank with these on and there was practically no transfer to my glass.  I absolutely love the longevity and the way that they look! So so so impressed with the formula!

What I don’t like: The colors.  I’m really disappointed with the 2 colors I got and this seems to be a very common complaint.  From what I’ve read, the lightest shades don’t really show up that much and the medium shades turn really really dark.  The colors you see in the tubes aren’t even remotely similar to the color you’ll get on your lips.  Lilac Ever After is a mauve in the tube and a brick red on my lips.  The dark shades are true to what you see in the tube, but personally I don’t wear enough neon pinks or dark plums to invest in one of those colors.

Overall, I absolutely love these! But I need to find another color.  I want to try another one of the more everyday pink or nude shades to see if they will look better on me.  If you’re a girl who loves a statement lip, then go for a dark shade because I think you’ll love them! They’re definitely worth the money.

Grade: B+

Price: $7.99-$9.99

What do you guys think? Do any of you have any of these Wet Shine Stains? What are your favorite colors?

10 thoughts on “Loreal Caresse Wet Shine Stain Review!

      • Good for you! 😉
        Can I ask you a question? Here in Italy once we’ve bought a product and opened it, we can’t return it, even with the receipt. I know in the US (or UK) it’s different, but I wonder..those products you return are sold to other people or used as testers?
        Just a curiosity! 😉

      • i was always told that they’re sent back to the company and then they do whatever they do. i don’t know for sure what the company does, but i know that a store can’t put them back on the shelves if its makeup or nail polish. other items that haven’t been opened (like a bottle of lotion with a seal) might be different but i dunno for sure

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