Nail Polish and Nail Art!

IMG_5986So when I first started getting into nail polish I kept hearing about this one online Nail E-Tailer called  I would hear other bloggers talk about the website as a great place to get really cheap nail art supplies.  They sell nail polish, lashes, makeup and a lot of other things as well, but they’re mostly known for selling nail art supplies.

A month and a half ago they contacted me to do a video review of some of their products and I was over the moon excited, since I have gone on their website a few times before and made up huge shopping carts just to chicken out before hitting the ‘check out’  button.  I’m not the best when it comes to nail art, so instead of reviewing a stamping plate (which I’ve never used), or dangling gems (which I’ve never seen in real life), I opted to review products I have some experience with.

Today I finally used the products sent to me by Yes, they were sent to me, but I am not getting paid and the opinions are 100% my own (as you will see from what I have to say).


IMG_6286KB polish #18, $2.95:

I’ve never tried polish from this brand, but so far I’m really disappointed.  The formula was extremely sheer.  This is 4 coats to get opaque, it never really dried, and when I applied a fast dry top coat I got the rippling effect …

IMG_6287On top of the awful formula, I highly doubt that this polish is free of the really toxic chemicals that other polishes claim to be “free” of (i.e. claims of 3-free, 4-free, and even Butter London, 5-free).  And this polish had the strongest and most foul odor of any polish I’ve ever experienced.  Two thumbs down for this polish.


IMG_6301Elegant White and Black Lace Style Stickers: $1.52

I have mixed feelings about these lace stickers.

On one hand, they’re extremely cheap and so cute! 1 strip covered all 10 of my nails with some left over.  They apply very easily if you mess up, they are easy to remove and reposition. I love the look when you apply them right, but it is a challenge to apply them right so they don’t come up.

However, the more you handle them, the less sticky they get.  As you can see from my ring finger.  I had to reposition that one about 3 times and you can see from the edges that they didn’t really stick down very well.  Also, these didn’t stay on my nail that long.  The edges started coming up on the second day.

For $1.52 and you get 3 different colors and designs and that’s awesome to me! Its affordable enough where if you want to just wear them for a day or 2 you aren’t wasting any money.  I really like these and would definitely recommend them, especially for the price!


IMG_633212 Piece Leopard Nail Foils: $1.99

These I absolutely LOVE! I have used a wide variety of nail strips and my overall complaint is that I don’t want to pay $10 for something I can wear twice (I’m talking to you Sally Hansen and Essie!).  So nail strips for $2 I was all over.

These are actually clear nail appliques that have rhinestones and leopard prints over them.  So I had to put down a base color, which is OPI “Designer De Better”.  These are seriously phenomenal, the best nail strips I’ve ever used.  They stretch easily to cover each nail, they stick very well, and they last! So far I’m on day 5 and I haven’t had any issues with these peeling or pulling up from my cuticles.  I highly recommend these and will be buying backups!

Other Random Thoughts:

This company is based out of Singapore, so be prepared for a little bit of a longer shipping time, depending on where you are in the world.  Coming to the US, close to the East Coast, it took about 2 and a half weeks. If you want to find out about shipping to your part of the world, you can check out their shipping policy.

Another thing that’s worth noting, they only accept payment through Paypal at the moment, just FYI.  Overall, I really liked and for the cheap prices they charge, I don’t mind experimenting with a few things to see if I like different nail art techniques.

All of these items were less than $10 and ships Worldwide.  Check out their website to see a ton of nail art stuff, and if you pick up anything let me know your thoughts too!

And for anyone thinking of purchasing, here’s a 10% off coupon! BERW10

5 thoughts on “ Nail Polish and Nail Art!

  1. I also have read a lot about BornPretty but I also never purchased anything there. I doubt if I will. To bad most of the products are a bit disapointing. You might wanna try out some great Ebay sellers on Ebay.

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