Nyx Slide on Eyeliner Pencil Review!

IMG_5291I’m really late on this bandwagon.  About a year ago, Nyx released a new type of eye liner called the Slide On pencils.  These were seemingly in response to Urban Decay’s 24/7 Pencils that were insanely popular, so these were claimed to be a cheaper drugstore alternative.  I’ve heard great things about these and I am finally giving them a shot, almost a year after they were released.

Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts!

IMG_5293From Nyx:

Don’t let the softness of this eye liner pencil fool you. Silky soft yet delivers a powerful robust color to line eyes. The formula doesn’t smear or smudge and provides extreme color. It’s like a liquid eye liner in a pencil without the mess. Available in 18 intense shades.

IMG_5294The shades are from left to right:  Green Papaya, Azure, Blue Sunrise and Purple Blaze

What I like: I absolutely love how bright the colors are! And I love the price! For all of you who are like me and want to experiment with your makeup but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for something you don’t know if you’ll love, these are perfect.  I also love the finish of the 4 that I have.  All 4 have a metallic finish, which really makes them pop on your waterline or upper lash line.  Also, these stay for a good 6-8 hours before they wear off.  I noticed a little fading after about 5 hours when I didn’t set them with a powder.

What I don’t like: While these are pigmented on your hand, you have to do a couple swipes on your waterline to get them to show up brightly.  I found that the best way to apply these is to apply 1 coat, let it dry and set itself, and then apply another.  The first coat goes on patchy and sheer but the second coat gives you a true color.  That is kind of annoying and increases my application time.

Overall, are these my favorite eye liners? No.  Are these good for the money? Yes.  I would suggest them if you’re looking for a cheap liner, but if you’re looking for an awesome liner then you could probably look elsewhere.  I have really been enjoying wearing the purple shade and think the green one will be calling my name on St Patricks Day!

Grade: B-

Price: $3.49

11 thoughts on “Nyx Slide on Eyeliner Pencil Review!

  1. These are some wonderful colors! Where did you buy them? They are very pigmented against your hand, so I am surprised they take a couple of swipes on your actual eyelid. Makeup is weird like that. That dark blue is so lovely! 🙂

    • these 4 were actually sent to me from a reader named holli, but you can get them at ulta, some drugstores, and online. its weird my grocery store actually carries nyx lol. they’re definitely great for the price tho

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