Color Club Halo Hues, all 12 shades!

IMG_6073Today I have for you the entire Color Club Halo Hues Collection!  This was a 2 part collection, where Color Club released 6 polishes in late 2012 and then 6 more colors in early 2013.  I’ve now shown both the first 6 piece collection and the second 6 piece collection.  So now I figured I would show you all 12, in color order, and include a gallery so you can see all the shades!

Some of the shades are super similar, so hopefully if you guys are thinking about purchasing some of these you can make a better determination on which shades are truly unique.

IMG_6076As you can see from this picture, some of the shades are really close, so keep reading to see all 12 together!


IMG_6113Cosmic Fate


IMG_6156Miss Bliss

IMG_5833Cloud Nine


IMG_5898Angel Kiss

IMG_5852Blue Heaven

IMG_6227Over the Moon

IMG_6223Eternal Beauty


IMG_5923Harp on it

I will say all the formulas are exactly the same … almost 1 coaters, really fast dry time and has the perfect consistency.  I really like all of these, but some of the colors are really close so you don’t need all 12 (unless you’re like me and a tad bit of a hoarder).

What do you guys think? Which ones are your favorites?

24 thoughts on “Color Club Halo Hues, all 12 shades!

  1. Great swatches! I, as you, felt the need to have all twelve shades and love them all. For me, the 2013 shades really ‘pop’ more. Think that’s because they are darker. Gotta love Beyond ha! 😀

    • aww thanks girl! i think i like second half better too. i think i liked every single one. i just wish the pinks were slightly different and the blue and green from the first were slightly different

  2. I have the second collection and Worth the Risque from their previous group of holos…added to two from Julep…I love them. When they came in the mail, I took them out into the sun to further admire them. Haha

  3. I’m falling for these Holographic Nail Polishes!!!! I love them all, even the purples which I don’t like usually! I guess my favourites are the silver-y ones!!!

    • oh the silver is gorgeous! its my all time favorite silver holographic shade because its just so strong. the purples are really pretty as well. i really like the peach and nude shades too. i guess i just like them all lol hopefully you can get your hands on some of these!

  4. When I looked at this post yesterday, my first thought was “the purple one” – and only after that did I see it in your Feb Favorites video, and now I want it even more. I may actually have to brave my local Ulta to see if they have that one. (I try to stay out of there because it’s too tempting!)

  5. Did you have any problems with the holographic pigment settling? My bottle of Eternal Beauty is horribly separated – there is a sheen of silver that sinks to the bottom of the bottle. Wondering if I got a bad one…

  6. i finally found the color club polishes at my local store 🙂 but my question is that i liked both angel kiss and blue heaven, and i know they look similar, but i was wondering if there really was a difference between the two or would it better to just pick one over the other?

    • they are SUPER similar! it just depends which color you like more. angel kiss is a green-blue and blue heaven is a blue. i like both, but i have them sitting next to eachother on my rack and they look so similar you can barely tell the difference. so i don’t think you need both and the formulas are exactly the same. so it depends on which color you like more!

  7. i finally found the color club polishes at my local grocery store hehe i was actually attracted to both blue heaven and angel kiss, but they looked kind of similar and i don’t think i need both. i was wondering if you were able to actually see a difference between the two when you tried them on or would it better to just make the choice and pick one?

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