The Look for Less! Dupe Alert?

IMG_6090A while ago I tried out Misa “Quirky Smile” for the first time and I couldn’t help but think how similar it was to Butter London “Bluey”.  After looking at my swatches I had it in my mind that I would definitely do a comparison post.  Well, 4 months later, here we go!


In the bottle they don’t look that similar, but I had to see them on the nails to see how similar they really were.  So keep reading if you want to see too!

IMG_60921 Coat: Misa (index), Butter London, Misa, Butter London (pinky)

In my opinion, the first coat always shows the most differences in the polishes whenever I do a comparison post.  You can tell here that the Butter London is much more sheer and has a lot more shimmer.  The Misa polish is more of a metallic finish and is almost a 1 coater!

IMG_60932 Coats: Misa (index), Butter London, Misa, Butter London (pinky)

The second coat shows how similar the polishes are.  Amazingly, the second coat of Butter London makes it completely opaque, which you wouldn’t think would happen judging by how sheer the first coat goes on.

The base color for these 2 looks much closer after 2 coats.  The Butter London is slightly lighter, but not much.  Also, the Butter London has a lot more shimmer than the Misa.  Formula wise, the Butter London is much thinner, almost watery.  The Misa is thicker and takes longer to dry.

Which one do I prefer? Its a tough one but I think I like Misa “Quirky Smile” more! I absolutely love that its almost a 1 coater and that its slightly darker.  Plus I like the finish of the Misa better than the Butter London, but I know that I’m an anomaly and most people will love the shimmer finish more than the metallic.  Plus the price difference makes me like the Misa slightly more, as the Butter London is $14 and the Misa is $7.50.

What do you guys think? Which polish wins for you? Do you have either of these?

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