A England “Dragon”

IMG_6057When A England first came out, I was really interested in trying some of the polishes out, but couldn’t fit in the price of shipping from the UK and close to $18 a bottle into my polish budget.  But I kept hearing amazing things about the formula and colors and it seemed like everyone had tried an A England polish but me.  So when Llarowe began carrying A England, I knew I had to finally get my hands on some of these beauties.  Fast forward a year and I finally stopped drooling and bought my first A Englands.  There were a few on my list of polishes to try, but half of my wish list was sold out by the time I logged on after Llarowe’s restock.  But my number 1 A England lemming was still available, so I snatched it up.  And I’m so excited to say its finally mine!!

IMG_6058A England “Dragon” is a moss green shimmer with a gold duochrome.  Sadly, the duochrome is very subtle on the nail and I couldn’t capture it when my little Cannon.  The duochrome is much stronger in the bottle, but I had a really hard time seeing it on the nail.  But that is ok with me because I’m in love with this shade of green.  Green is my all time favorite color, both in real life and to wear on my nails, so I’m not heartbroken that the gold is subtle.

The formula is the best part of this polish! I finally know what people are talking about when they rave about an A England polish.  This is just 1 coat! Just 1! Its a true one coater and went on like butter! You get what you pay for with this polish because it pretty much just applied itself.  The dry time was excellent as well.  I am in love with this polish, and can’t wait to try others from this brand!

What do you guys think of this polish? Do any of you guys have this polish? What are your favorite A Englands?

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