Hare Polish “Dead Man’s Bones”

IMG_6067Sorry for showing you guys 2 Hare Polishes back to back!  I wasn’t intending on doing this but I have been awful with time management in the last few days.  I meant to do a Throwback Thursday post yesterday and by the time I got home from school I was wiped and emotionally drained.  And then today I had every intention of swatching all my untried polishes, photographing some new makeup, learning how to use my new photo editing software and tackling comments on my YouTube channel and blog.  Sorry if you’ve commented in the last few days and I haven’t responded, my life has been a little out of control.  But I spent all day today swatching roughly 40 different polishes and didn’t even finish! That hopefully tells you something about all the posts to come! But I dipped into some of my older swatches do give you something new for today!

IMG_6070Hare Polish “Dead Man’s Bones” is a medium toned grey creme with white and black matte microglitter.  And there is a lot of glitter in each coat.  When I look at this polish it makes me think of rocks or concrete.  It was released with her Halloween collection about a year and a half ago and I finally snagged this bottle about a month and a half ago.

The formula on this polish is almost better than the color.  It was the perfect consistency, not to thick, not to thin and really easy to control.  Also, this polish is really opaque.  This is 2 thin coats and it covers perfectly.  The dry time is really fast as well.  I really love this polish and wish that I had it earlier in the winter, because I would have worn the heck out of this!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite Hare Polishes? What are your favorite grey polishes?

8 thoughts on “Hare Polish “Dead Man’s Bones”

    • 4 should have been my max lol i had the day off and have been acquiring a lot of polishes lately, so i figured i should just sit down, swatch them and take pictures. that way, when i’m really busy i can still blog because all the hard work is done! it took me 9 hours, i literally watched my ass expand to conform to my seat and i didn’t even finish all of my untried polishes! the only positive thing, i cleared out my dvr.

      and PS YES, you need a hare polish! her spring line has some gorgeous ones!

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