Zoya “Vespa”

vespa 1Sorry for the lack of posts and sorry that this post won’t be as “wordy” as my posts normally are.  I’ve been a little absent from my blog and YouTube channel lately and honestly can’t really figure out why.  The last week I’ve been very uninspired and need a good kick in the butt to get my creative juices flowing again.  While I haven’t been very motivated to blog about my manicures, I have been wearing a TON of green polishes this week.

The week of St. Paddy’s day always brings out all of my greens and I pretty much radiate all that Irish pride that my mother instilled in me.  Today I went to the gym, in an effort to counter act the mass quantities of Magners, whiskey, soda bread and corned beef I’m going to ingest over the course of 2 days.  And my digits have been permanently stained green thanks to my goal of wearing EVERY SINGLE green polish I own over the course of a week and a half.  So I have a new one to show you guys today, and a nice spam post for you guys tomorrow.

vespa 2Zoya “Vespa” is a seafoam green pixie dust polish.  I totally skipped on all of the OPI Liquid Sand colors because I wasn’t too impressed.  But when I saw swatches of the Zoya Pixie Dust collection, I knew I had to have one or two in my life.  So naturally, the green one was calling my name (green is my favorite color, if you couldn’t tell).  Plus, my mother can tell you that I was absolutely OBSESSED with Peter Pan as a child, and still am! Mary Martin version and Hook are the two best, just FYI.  So green, a tinkerbell-esque finish and nail polish??? These are all my dreams come true in a single polish!

vespa 3top coated.  Sorry I was losing sunlight in this pic!

The formula on this polish was kind of as I expected.  It was sheer but easy to apply.  The application on this polish is like applying other microglitters.  The brush starts to flatten out as you apply because the glitter goops up (is that a word?) in the brush.  I didn’t mind in this case because it made it easy to apply.   As you can see from the picture with the top coat, you still see visible nail line, even after 3 coats.

So this baby is sheer, but all that silver sparkle makes up for it.  I’m in love with the finish! And the best part is that this stuff is like glue! I had it on for 3 days and there wasn’t a single chip or any tip wear.  The dry time was a iffy.  The first coat dried really quickly, the second coat was much much slower.  The third coat took a good 10 min to be dry and 30 to have to full matte finish.  So be prepared to not touch anything for close to an hour to get the full beauty of this polish!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have any Pixie Dust shades?

24 thoughts on “Zoya “Vespa”

  1. I have this shade too but haven’t worn it yet. This looks great on you! I went to an Irish concert last night…well the band is from Ireland…they’re called FullSet. GREAT show! 🙂

    • thanks girl! i really wanted godiva but talked myself out of it because it looked so similar to china glaze “champagne kisses” which is also a matte finish. but let me know how you like godiva!

  2. Holly, how was the feel of the sandy texture on your nails and don’t you feel like it’s ruining th e effect by applying a shiny top coat? I got a few of these textures polishes by the german brand P2 and i want to try them soon as well…

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