Mini Monday Manicure Spam!

Welcome to another edition of  Monday Manicure Spam! This is going to be a Mini edition because I was looking at my Manicure Spam folder and there seemed to be 2 colors that I was heavily favoring for a while.  I had a few black and red manicures and then I had a few green manicures.  So I figured I would give you a Mini Manicure Spam of just the red and black manicures, and then next week I would share all the green manicures!

One problem with blogging about nail polish is that I don’t like to show the same manicure twice, or review a polish multiple times.   But I am also a girl who likes to wear nail polish.  I don’t buy nail polish just to wear it once, write about it and then move on to the next one.  I buy polish to wear it!  Since I try to blog almost every day, and I don’t really get sent any type of polish for free, being a polish-repeater is a necessity and this is an easy way not to bore you guys with the same ol’ stuff every day!

Here are pictures of some manicures that I’ve been really enjoying over the last few weeks! If you want to read about the individual polishes used in each manicure, just click on the name below the picture and it will take you to my original post.  And yes, I do change my nail polish almost every day! Hope you enjoy this manicure spam!

IMG_6195unknown color club polish (sorry guys!) I got this in a set from Burlington Coat Factory, from my mom a couple Christmas’s ago, and there was no name on the polish.  But this 2 coats over Zoya “Raven”

IMG_6197Grunge manicure! with Butter London “Knees Up” and Sephora By OPI “Whats a Tire Jack?”

IMG_6205Ruffian manicure! Sephora by OPI “Whats a Tire Jack?” and Butter London “Knees Up” (again, can you tell I like this combo?)

So that is it for my Mini Monday Manicure Spam! Which one is your favorite? What are your favorite color combinations to wear?

7 thoughts on “Mini Monday Manicure Spam!

    • apparently! i haven’t been in a burlington to check it out, but thats where my mom finds polish sets for me for christmas. they look like the sets you can get at marshalls and tj maxx

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