My Thoughts On Julep

This isn’t going to be a regular post of mine, but I had an experience today that I felt like I needed to share.  I’m using this more as a diary entry, to get things off my chest, as well as to share with you my experience with the Julep Maven program.  I want to start off by saying that I’m sorry if you don’t share the same opinions as I do.  I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings with this post, I just feel like this is part of blogging … to share the negative as well as all the positive experiences.

This post is long and wordy, and sort of a rant on my experience dealing with Julep customer service for the last few days.  I’ve been a Maven for a year and 7 (almost 8) months, since the very beginning of the program.  Today, I cancelled my subscription.  Not because I wanted to, but because I was so upset and disappointed that I felt like there were much better companies I could invest my money in.

If you don’t mind reading a SUPER LONG post, then keep reading …

So I guess we will start from the very beginning …

When I first became a Maven back in August of 2011, I was happy to have a monthly nail polish box.  My first box was fine, no complaints, and you can actually read about my very first box here! The second box I received was the first time I had to deal with Julep Customer Service, because I switched to a different style box and they accidentally sent me another style.  The customer service was really great and sent me the box I originally ordered free of charge, although it did take almost 3 weeks to get the matter resolved.  For the last year and a half since then, I have had hits and misses with the polish quality and the products in my boxes, but never an issue with a customer service … That is until this week.

I have skipped 4 out of the last 5 boxes and planned on skipping this month as well.  I had logged on to skip my box, and honestly thought I had skipped it.  Yesterday, which was the 25th at 9am I got an email from Julep, prompting me to check my account to make sure that I had skipped it.  Well, I didn’t, which was ultimately my fault.  I immediately contacted Julep, explaining that I thought I skipped the month but it shows that I didn’t and was hoping I still had time to cancel my order, since realistically I was just 9 hours (my time, only 6 hours their time since they’re on the other side of the country) past the deadline.

I got an email back a few hours later saying that it would take customer service 2 days to look into my issue.  I was a little upset that they said it would take 2 days, but still hopeful they would resolve the issue.  I got an email late today saying that there was nothing they could do, even though my card hadn’t been charged and the box hadn’t been shipped.  I immediately called them and spoke to a girl who also said that there was nothing they could do.  Julep explained that too much time had passed since the deadline to cancel the order, even though I contacted them only 6 hours past the deadline.

While it really was my fault that I didn’t skip the box (even though I honestly thought I did), it was the overall experience that really ruined Julep for me.  The late response via email and then the snotty attitude from the girl on the phone really put me off.  I asked over and over if there was anything they could do because I really didn’t have $20 to spend on neon polish and just got the same response, that it was my fault, not theirs.

The BEST part, and the part that really made me cancel my order and decide to write this post, was the advice that they gave me.  The girl on the phone told me that the ONLY thing that could save my money is if I took ALL the money out of my bank account for 2 days.  She further said that Julep will try to process the payment twice over 2 days and if there isn’t enough money in the account that they will just cancel the order.  So her advice is to EMPTY my bank account for 2 days, regardless of the other bills I have to pay.

I’ve always complained that Julep was too pricey and that the polish quality was hit and miss.  $14 for basically a mini polish, that half the time is absolutely awful quality, isn’t worth it in my eyes.  However, I liked that I would get 3 colors plus something extra for $20, which I thought was a good price (sometimes).  But after the last 2 days of dealing with Julep and the final advice of emptying my bank account, I’m done and won’t recommend this service to anyone else.  Again, I want to reiterate that this was my experience and may not be yours. If you’ve had a great time with Julep, then please don’t take this as a personal attack against you.  I wish I had a better experience, because now I’m $20 poorer and stuck with polish I’ll likely wear once (I’m not a neon fan).

What are your experiences with Julep? Have they been good or bad? And would you recommend Square Hue?

44 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Julep

  1. Since they didnt ship or charge you yet then they probably had time to cancel your order per your request. I understand that rules are rules, but they shoulda helped you out this one time since you are a loyal customer.

    • agreed, i don’t understand how anyone could even think of giving someone that advice. i wish i had talked to her manage but at that point i was so frustrated i just needed to get off the phone

  2. I think you had every right to blog when you were angry! Because if you were more calm you would have sugar coated things that didn’t need to be. They messed up and it’s your duty as a beauty blogger to inform us. And it was Juleps job to keep you happy. There is nothing they could do? Really? Like maybe issue a refund after the charge hit your card? Or cancel your order all together? I’m with Craftynail there was something they could have done. Julep recently got a huge investment and has since turned to crap. Charging more for the same crapy mystery boxes and treating their customers like trash. Aparently when you have investment money CS isn’t important anymore. I’ve been a julep customer for less than a year, but I’m not pleased with them. This is only the 2nd box I have gotten since Aug. and the only reason I’ve gotten 2 was because I bought a prepaid 3 month subscription when I have a 60% off code on Christmas. I’d never pay full price for their boxes. Especially since you have no idea what formula your polish is going to be like. They claim their polish is a one coater and that’s why the bottles are so little. FAIL… No they are not. Ok wow, I am sorry. I never knew I was so angry with Julep. I just knew I thought they were over priced. I expect things to only get worse after a $10 million investment. Now making money is number one and CS is last.

    • omg i didn’t even know that they had a huge investment! it makes sense when i look back to how much they’ve grown, outsourcing to Sephora and everything. the polish is rarely a 1 coater, i’ve gotten only 3 or 4 one coaters in the year in a half i was with julep. some were so bad i just threw them away. and i understand your anger with julep! and hope that you can finally get a semi-good box with your last prepaid month

  3. I am in the I hate Julep camp. I subscribed to their box service for a while, but the quality of the polish was not worth the price I felt, and I’d had three different bottles break on me. The necks of the bottles just broke clean off! And the CS was no help at all, so ultimately, I cancelled after only a few months of the service. Good bye, and good riddance, was my feelings when I cancelled

    • thats awful! i couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if my bottles broke. i did have some issues with the brushes, but never had that issue resolved. totally agree with you, the quality isn’t good enough to pay $14 for a mini bottle. good riddance

  4. Wow…that is so shady! On what level is it OK to tell someone to empty their bank account? Is that how they train their staff?! I’m not a fan of Julep polishes and canceled my subscription after the first box. I don’t do neons either (I love them on other people, though),so I’m sorry you’re stuck with polishes you won’t/can’t use. ♥

  5. I kind of had the same experience, I thought I had enough Jules in my account and at the time I put my order it showed that I had enough Jules, but since I changed my mind on the color of the polish I wanted to get with my jules, they charged me for both polishes even though it was within that 4 day change period. I called them for awhile and they said they wouldn’t change it even though I had the jules in my account and it was an error on their part for not “returning” my jules….when they said they couldn’t do anything, they hadn’t charged my card yet or shipped out my polish either, i don’t see why she couldn’t just charge the jules or cancel that order….

    • wow that sounds like a frustrating experience as well! i don’t know how you earned the jules but i know that you can earn them through spreading the word about the company and getting other people to sign up. they should have at least been more understanding about the jules because that is all about your customers and increasing your customers! wow that sucks i’m sorry

  6. Sorry you had such a bad experience with Julep, I’ve been a Maven for just under a year, luckily I haven’t had any issues with them. I have subscribed to SquareHue (2 sets so far) and their polish is really well made. The colors are great, they’ve all applied well for me thus far AND their bottles are cool, too! LOL

  7. I got their spring mystery box couple weeks ago, it was my first Julep purchase but I’m glad I didn’t subscribe to their Maven program. The polishes doesn’t feel like they’re high quality for the price they charge.

    • they aren’t! i have a couple that i really really love but i would never pay $14 for one of them. the colors aren’t unique enough to pay that much money, especially for a mini bottle. personally i think you can get better polishes at the drugstore

  8. I cancelled mine as well, I was pretty much bored with their selections and I hate that you can’t choose the colors. I’m with squarehue and I’ll probably cancel soon with them too

    • totally agree, the color selection is really boring. i was contemplating square hue but i was a little turned off that you had to prepay for your box. while i spent the post bashing julep, i did like the fact that i could skip if i wanted to. i don’t know for sure if square hue is unskippable tho

  9. Ohh, I can understand that this situation made it final to you, to stop recieving that box. Im totally on youre side, they should make it possibel that a custometmr can call and say “I forgot to cancel”. And 20 bucks for 3 polishes that I dont even get to pick myself, NO!! Now you can allow yourself to buy 1 you really want :-p

    • very true! i could spend that money on one really high end polish that i really want, or 20 drugstore polishes. julep does have some positive aspects that other subscription services don’t have but overall its not worth it in my opinion. thanks for commenting lisa!

  10. What horrible advice! Nothing ever made me think I want a Julep polish, especially when there are so many other companies out there that do the same thing, maybe not exclusive to nail polish but I’ve gotten a ton of nail polishes in the past from Birchbox and MyGlamBag (now Ispy, I guess). Have you ever dealt with Nordstrom customer service? They’re AMAZING and so accomodating. So is Verizon… Anyways, it sounds like Julep isn’t very professional or streamlined, you know if they had their stuff together the rep could have easily located your order/file on her computer and cancelled it but maybe their system and processing departments just aren’t as integrated as they should be. Something tells me you’re probably not the only one whose had problems with them and in that case, its only a matter of time before they fix it or go downhill.

    • i see peoples myglambag all the time and i think wow you’re getting so much stuff as well as zoya’s in the boxes! thats a total deal. and it seems like a lot of other girls have had problems, just from the feedback i got on this post! one girl had the same thing happen to her except it was actually juleps fault because she ordered one thing and got another and they wouldn’t help her at all. not impressed and i think they will have to do something about it, because it seems like a lot of people are upset

  11. They should have handeled diffrently and give you more service. We still don’t have a julep box only some beauty boxes (i’m subscribed to the glossybox) the juleps you have send me i love them actually. But i like neon! Wich colours are they? i could buy them maybe 🙂

  12. Sorry that you had such a bad experience. I definitely agree that their customer service is terrible at times. I also considered posting about a bad experience I had, but didn’t because it was eventually resolved. The problem with these customer service reps is that they really aren’t knowledgeable about what to do, and that is obvious by their suggestion to empty your bank account. This is a very difficult situation, because in the end you did have the option to skip the month…. I’ve done the same thing before and forgot to skip. I ended up loving the box, though, so I hope you can at least enjoy the polishes.

    That’s too bad that you’re done with Julep, though! It’s one of my all-time nail polish brands, and I can never give it up!

    • totally agree. i know i can’t blame the entire company on 1 girl who probably is just doing this as an after school job. she didn’t sound older than 17, but who knows. hopefully i’ll love the box, they will be some of my first neon polishes

  13. Thank you for your honest review! For a while now, I’d been contemplating whether or not I wanted to join Julep. I had read so many mixed reviews; I’m really glad I found yours. I’ve made my decision – I’m definitely not ordering from them. It seems like their products and customer service are just not worth the price.

  14. I’ve also had a terrible experience with Julep, and now they just seem sketchy in my eyes. I find it strange that I can’t take my credit card off file without actually calling Julep and talking to somebody, and that doesn’t make me feel very safe. I guess I’ll just have to continuously skip boxes until I finally get through to their customer service :/ I didn’t even receive an email asking if I wanted to skip April’s box.

  15. I know this is late, but I’m discovering as I go through my own Julep customer service hell, that there are quite a few of us out there. I do not like most of their products beyond the polish. Tools are second rate and quality for their makeup items is poor. I’ve had a couple of polish issues, but most are good and some really kick butt. So, I often find myself skipping the maven box. I do find myself in love with the mystery boxes. It pushes me out of my comfort zone, and while I’m fairly basic on my finger nails, I will try anything on my toes!

    This last mystery box was, well, lacking to put it nicely. The promise is I pay $24.99 and they will send me a box valued at $70-$200 that includes polish. I received one item, full retail value under $20. Yes, less than what I paid. My first thought was that it was a labeling issue, someone put the wrong label on the box and someone else was getting my order. I immediately contacted Julep thinking they’d be apologetic, send me the appropriate box. Nope! Basically I was told too bad, so sad. I’ve been going back and forth. I was finally offered some “Jules” so that I could spend about $18 on products–still under the promised $70 minimum by a long shot. I’ve about had it with Julep. Filing a false advertising complaint because I have discovered this is far from an isolated incident. I’m also filing with the BBB, even though they are not members. Just to help warn others.

    I also, can’t seem to cancel my maven membership.

    • that sounds absolutely awful! i’m so sorry that you had a bad experience with them. it seems like a lot of people have been experiencing the same problems. hopefully they get their act together from all these complaints! i can’t understand how a company can sustain itself operating with such crappy customer service

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