Herome “Mint Groen”

IMG_6377Today I was so proud of myself.  I woke up early, took a shower and styled my hair.  I decided I was going to pre-film 7 videos today because I’m going out of town for a wedding and I wanted to make sure I would have videos to post.  I spent about 6 hours getting everything ready, setting up, doing my makeup and filming all the videos I wanted to film.

I was so proud of myself that I accomplished everything I wanted to do today and after I was finished I went to the bathroom to wash off my makeup.  The second I look in the mirror, I notice that I have lipstick all over my teeth!  Yep, I filmed videos with lipstick all over my teeth … very classy I know.  I looked through all of my footage and it turns out that I had 4 videos where there was a nice pink shade across my front 2 teeth.  I thought it was just 2, and I was complaining about it on twitter, but I found the moment of transfer and it was in the middle of video #3.   Needless to say, its going to be another long filming day tomorrow.

So I’m going to blog about a really pretty polish, one that didn’t give me any problems  to cheer me up!

IMG_6378Herome “Mint Groen” (I think its supposed to be Mint Green but it was written in Dutch) is a mint green creme polish.  The color is more true in the second and third pictures of this post rather than the first.  It is a very simple and ordinary color, but doesn’t change the fact that it is really pretty and perfect for spring.

mint groenThe formula is a little sheer and went on rather streaky.  This is 3 coats and you can see there are still some streaking issues.  However, the brush on these Herome polishes is seriously fantastic.  Like I said in a previous post, I can’t remember when I was so impressed with a brush on a polish.  I really think that its one of the best brushes for my nail shape and size that I’ve used.  The formula was a little thing and watery but had a really good dry time.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite mint greens?

13 thoughts on “Herome “Mint Groen”

  1. Oh…sorry about the lipstick issue…I can’t imagine the frustration! That color in your pic is gorgeous and I have discovered that I’m quite a mint green fan!I l especially love mint greens for spring! A few of my faves are: China Glaze Re-Freshmint, Orly’s Jealous Much? and Gumdrop, Zoya’s Neely and butter LONDON”s Fiver. But…I find the Zoya and the butter LONDON a little finicky. ☺

  2. Mint green is oké for me. This is a green i would wear if i have to lol. It’s so funny to see you write groen lol. I saw that coming around on twitter and i was like huh? before but i saw it was from herôme haha

    • yeah i looked up the color and was like, i know its green but the color says groen so i’m going to write it like that. the next one i have is the same way and is called zilver something and that one really threw me off

  3. Lovely colour. Mint Groen, yep its Dutch. However in Afrikaans (derived from Dutch) we also call “green”, “groen” 🙂

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