Avon Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Facial Hair Removal Cream

IMG_6588I have a confession … one that I think a lot of you may share.  I have a mustache.  I’m not afraid to admit it anymore because I think its something that a lot of women struggle with.  I was made fun for a lot of it when I was in middle school and my early years in high school.  I’ve always been ashamed of it and have tried almost every single drug store remedy there is.

Recently, I included a few facial hair removers in a “Products I Regret Buying” video on my YouTube channel and got a lot of feedback from other girls who struggle with facial hair as well.  I am extremely happy to report that I have finally found a solution! And it is all thanks for a fellow beauty vlogger, Lauren from RedHeadPhD.  So I figured I would share it with you guys as well!

Keep reading to hear my full review!

IMG_6589This product comes in the regular and sensitive skin versions.  The packaging comes in a squeeze tube, almost like a lipgloss container.  I found that it made it easier to use because you only squeeze out the amount that you need. And I will say that you don’t need very much for this product to be effective.

How it works is that you apply a very thin layer to the area you wish to remove the hair.  The directions say leave it on for 2 and a half minutes, but don’t exceed 8 minutes.  I decided to truly test it out and timed it at exactly 2 and a half minutes.

IMG_6590What I liked: It really did remove ALL of the hair on my mustache area in just 2 and a half minutes.  The directions called for removing the cream with a wash cloth and warm water, but I removed it with a tissue and it worked just fine.  I then used warm water and rinsed my upper lip and lightly pat the area dry.  There was NO redness or irritation.  And the best part is that I could apply makeup that same day.  All the other products I’ve used will leave my upper lip really sensitive and irritated for a full day so I couldn’t apply any face products, including my moisturizer.  This wasn’t the case with this product.

What I don’t like: This was a little bit of a user error, but the first time I used the cream I applied it too far up on my face where there wasn’t any hair.  It was early and I think I just wasn’t paying attention.  If you apply this anywhere on your face where there isn’t any hair, you will get the redness and burning area.  But if you pay attention and just use it where there is hair you won’t have an issue.

Overall, I have found my solution that I have been hunting for for about 10 years! I love this stuff! And, its affordable! The only downside is that it is an Avon product so unless you have a representative near you, you will have to order from Avon.com.  I have a small stand in my mall so maybe some of you can find this product in your local mall as well.

Grade: A

Price: $6

9 thoughts on “Avon Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Facial Hair Removal Cream

  1. I use the same product and it is divine! Not many women like to admit it or buy it but i have mentioned to my customers personally about my problem and they seemed more relaxed about hearing of it and have ended up buying a couple themselves

    • when i mentioned it in a video on my youtube channel so many girls were saying they have the same problem but never talked about. i was the same way, but when you find something that works you gotta share it. its amazing, i just wish it was easier to find

  2. Something to finally get rid of my ‘stache! Of course my sister just stopped selling Avon though, but oh well, I’ll deal with getting it off the site if it really does work like a dream 🙂

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