Herome “Zilver Roze”

IMG_6380Yesterday was my moms birthday! My mom is my best friend and yesterday ended up being a great day.  We went out for lunch with a friend of hers at a very trendy brewery in the city and then walked around an artsy neighborhood.  We watched a glass blowing demonstration in a hippie shop and then decided to go to our marina and check out how our boat fared through the winter months.  Afterwards, we went back to her house and waited for my brother to come home from college. Then we all went out to dinner and had a nice ‘ol margarita party.

All of this was great and really lifted my spirits, which are slowly dropping at the thought of going back to school in a few days.  But the bad part of the day was when I broke a nail! I swear it always happens on the same finger, my swatching hand middle finger, and always when I’m really happy with the nail shape and length.  Regardless of my broken nail, I still have some swatches with my ideal length to get through, including this beauty!

IMG_6381Herome “Zilver Roze” is a purple toned putty color with a slight silver shimmer.  You guys know me and you know that I’ve been loving all my neutral boring shades.  This is no exception! I absolutely fell in love with this color.  It’s so chic and sophisticated and a perfect work color.  What sets this apart from the other shades like this that I own is the silver shimmer in this polish.  While its subtle, it brings this polish to a whole other level.  This was another polish that the beautiful Sabrina, the PolishAlcoholic, sent me in our swap! She knows me too well.

IMG_6380The formula on this polish was incredible! It was opaque in just 2 coats.  And all the pictures above were taken without a top coat.  That shimmer and gloss comes from the polish all by itself.  The dry time was pretty good and the consistency was perfect for application.  And you guys know how I feel about the Herome brushes … I think they created them specifically for my nail shape because its absolutely perfect.  I love this polish and am so sad that its only a mini because I think this will be all used up relatively quickly.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite chic shades, like this?

12 thoughts on “Herome “Zilver Roze”

  1. Oh my! That’s SO pretty! I love the putty/lavender/gray tones! ♥ A few of my faves are: Wet n Wild’s Bite the Bullet, Zoya’s Jana, and butter LONDON’s Yummy Mummy. Sounds like you, your mom and your brother had a fun time!

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