Essence “Oh My Glitter”

IMG_6385Today was my first day back to school in a week and a half and I have to say I was dreading it. After spending a week and a half of waking up without an alarm, I was not looking forward to hearing that obnoxious beeping sound at 4:50am.  Even writing that my alarm goes off at 4:50 in the morning makes me a little sad inside.

Surprisingly, I had a very productive day! I don’t know what got into me.  Maybe it was the shock of only having about 3 hours of sleep that made me have a ton of energy, but I was able to cross off half of the things on my to-do list today.  Since I am almost rejuvenated from my time off school and have a new found drive to get through the semester, I figured I would show you a polish that also has a little bit of energy!

IMG_6387Essence “Oh My Glitter” is a bright, medium toned blue purple with pink shimmer.  The color is more purple in real life than the pictures suggest, and also a little bit more vibrant.  It reminds me of Illamasqua “Jo’mina” except a little less loud and in your face.  But what makes this special to any other purple in my collection is the pink shimmer running throughout it.  I really like these Essence creme polishes that have the subtle shimmers if you can’t tell!

IMG_6386The formula on this polish was a little bit tricky.  It was very runny when I was applying it and it was pretty sheer as well.  It took some effort on my part to not flood my cuticles.  It took 3 thin coats to achieve full opacity, but you could probably get away with 2 really thick.  I wasn’t about to do thick coats with this polish because it was so runny.  But the color is just so pretty and I don’t mind that the formula takes some finagling!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite purples? What are your favorite Essence polishes?

21 thoughts on “Essence “Oh My Glitter”

  1. Pretty! I love the sparkles. From far away does it look more purple or can you tell that there are sparkles in it? You should see my current nails (I’m going to try to get a post up today), they’re Sally Hansen Coral Reef with Essie Shine of the Times flakies over it, it’s really pretty, I think you’d approve! 🙂

    • from far away it just looks purple, you can’t really tell that there’s pink and gold sparkles in there. and sorry i’m responding so late! i went on a much needed vacation and now am all rejuvenated to blog again

  2. Essence makes some of the best nail polishes, IMO! I’ve heard German brands make the best makeup, in general. I can’t believe Essence is so inexpensive! LOVE this color on you!

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