Essence “Date in the Moonlight”

IMG_6388Today, I feel like I need to take back everything I said yesterday about nice weather.  I guess it was just a tease by mother nature … give me 1 day of 80 degree weather and then plummet the temperature the next day to 45 degrees and massive rainstorms.  Even though I complain about the weather, I’ve been glued to the weather channel and there are a lot of other people that have it much worse than me.   For all of you in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, I hope that you’re staying safe! And for everyone buried under snow in the Dakotas, stay safe and warm!

Since the weather took a major plunge today, I figured I would show you guys another darker polish.  I love wearing darks when its cold, wet and dreary, and this one is a new one to me (thank you Anca) and its absolutely incredible!

IMG_6390Essence “Date in the Moonlight” is a dark dusty blue with sporadic blue shimmer.  Although from far away it just looks like a navy, from up close this color is so unique.  Its a dark dusty blue base with cobalt blue microglitters/shimmers in there, and I don’t have anything like this in my collection.  I have so many navy’s that have a purple shimmer, or a blue shimmer, but nothing that is a dusty navy.

IMG_6389The best part of of this polish is the formula.  This is just 1 coat! I will say that this is a thicker coat, but it is just 1 coat.  So if you’re a person who likes to do thin coats, you may have to do 2, but I get lazy sometimes.  The formula wasn’t too thick either and the dry time was pretty good.  Overall, I really like this color and really impressed with this polish!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite navy blues? What are your favorite Essence polishes?

16 thoughts on “Essence “Date in the Moonlight”

  1. That shade looks familiar! 😉 Also, I was going to say are you in Texas too? Haha, Toby and I were watching the news and they announced a 30 degree temperature drop and we just gave each other shocked expressions. From how they were explaining it, we thought it was going to be way worse over our area, I was expecting hail to leave some dents in my car but it just showered a little. Back to polishes, have you tried Essie’s Dive Bar?

    • oh i’m glad you guys are ok! and i wish i was down in texas sometimes, my boyfriend really wants to move to austin. so who knows, maybe i’ll be down there in the future. but unfortunately i haven’t tried essie’s dive bar. i own very very few essies, which i really need to rectify

      • Ahh! Austin was so fun when I went. One of my good friends lives there. It’s the city that feels closest like CA. Anyways, I heard the weather is supposed to get kind of crazy again, be safe!

  2. thank you so much for doing this amazing giveaway 🙂 I would love to win haha…but whoever does is a very lucky person 🙂 and I would love to see you do or try some nail art videos 🙂

  3. Really? This is just one coat? Oh wow…i should go and get one of these today…it should be from their permanent line, so i guess i will find it.
    Looks good on your nails.
    Hey even when i think i should get a few more spring inspired polishes, this girl makes me wanna shop for autumn & winter colors…:P

    • lol i have a few spring shades coming up! i’m like 20 or 25 swatches behind what i’m actually wearing on my nails, so i really need to blog more often to share all the spring manis. but you totally need this one, especially since its so cheap!

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