A England “St. George”

IMG_6486Today I have a polish that was on my wish list for about a year before I finally got my hands on it.  When A England first came out, I was really interested in the brand because of the polish names.  I was a history major (well, dual major) in undergrad and took as many British Isle history courses that my college offered.  I also studied abroad in London for a year and studied history there as well.  So the fact that all the polishes are named after English mythical legends, Gothic novels, and in a part English history, just drew me in.


This polish seemed to have a cult status when it first came out and was sold out on Llarowe every single time I logged on.  I stalked Llarowe like crazy whenever there was a restock, but it always seemed as if I was 5 minutes too late.  I FINALLY managed to get my hands on this polish and another one of my A England lemmings a few months ago, and this did not disappoint!

IMG_6490indoor, artificial light

A England “St. George” is a teal shimmer that has a subtle scattered holographic.  The holographic shimmers aren’t that noticeable on the nail, but it does it give the polish a great depth and shine! It really makes it seem like this polish is just glowing.  The color is so rich and luxurious and just the perfect jewel tone.  I wish I had this in the fall because I would have worn this every week!

IMG_6487The formula on this polish was absolutely AMAZING!! “Amazing” needs to be in all caps because I can’t stress enough just how great it actually is, unless you already own it and then you know that I’m talking about.  This is a 1 coat polish, and it doesn’t need to be 1 thick coat.  This is a 1 coater and totally effortless.  The dry time was really fast as well! The only issue, and it isn’t an issue for me but may be for some, is that the formula is a little on the thick side.  But it was so easy to apply and to control that I didn’t mind at all.  Overall, I’m in love! I need more A England Shades in my life.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? What are your favorite A England polishes?

15 thoughts on “A England “St. George”

  1. Love that deep green and who doesn’t love a one coater! They sell A England at nailpolishcanada.com and have a fair amount in stock, at least 30 shades.

    • i really need to get on nail polish canada! i found out on twitter that they will ship to the states for free if you buy more than 50 dollars worth. and i can totally get up to the 50 dollar mark

  2. I own most of the A England polishes, and they are honestly BEYOND amazing!!!! The last collection didn’t wow me as much once I owned it because it’s simply not as shiny or as GREAT as the first two collections, but it’s still a fantastic collection. St. George, along with the other holos from Adina, is among my faves 🙂 🙂 xx

  3. omg , this nail color is soo gorgeous ! It has metallic colour on it . It’s pretty hard to find the colour like this in my country .

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