My OLD Makeup Tag!!

Hey Guys!

I posted this video earlier today on YouTube and figured I would post it here as well! I need to start getting better about integrating my videos into my blog, because I know some of you have said that you had no idea that I even made videos!  This was a tag that was created by my friend Laura, and was a lot of fun to do!

Basically its a blast down makeup memory lane! The whole concept of the tag is to talk about your staple items that you’ve been buying forever, as well as showing off some of your old makeup.  And in my case, reliving some not so classy/pretty/glamorous makeup memories of my glitter-trash and wannabe-punk makeup days.

I invite all of my fellow bloggers out there to do this tag too! Luchessa that means you!

1. What makeup that you currently own have you been using for the longest?
2. What is the first makeup you remember wearing?
3. What discontinued products do you want to come back?
4. What is the oldest item of makeup you own?

Watch and I hope you enjoy!


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