Covergirl Hot Passion Lip Perfection Lipstick Review!

IMG_6563If you guys have been reading my blog for a while then you know that I’ve been trying to be more adventurous when it comes to my lip choices.  Even though it’s a little taboo to admit, I normally omit lip products all together except the days that I feel like I need lip balm.  So this year I’ve really been making an effort to step up my game and try out new colors and finishes.

My friend Lauren gave me some awesome makeup products, and one of which was this lip color.  Since I’m a little scared on lip products in general, I was hesitant to try it.  Red lipstick is one of those products that I feel needs to be a staple in every girls makeup collection, but its also one of those products that I’m terrified of.

This was my first time trying out a Covergirl lipstick so I got over my fears of lipstick all over my teeth and looking “too made up” and busted it out!

Keep reading to see this on my lips and read my full review!

IMG_6564One thing I will say about this lipstick is that its definitely a tone shifter! I didn’t even think a lipstick could do that but this one manages to do that.  When you apply it sheer, or with just one swipe, it goes on cool toned with a blue undertones.  If you apply it a little heavier, like 2 or 3 swipes (which I think is how most girls normally would), it warms up.  So it isn’t 100% warm or cool, somewhere in the middle.

IMG_6565What I like: I absolutely love how this feels on my lips.  It isn’t dry or slick.  Once you put this thing on, it ain’t moving and I really do mean that.  It is very very creamy to apply and is really opaque.  This is 2 swipes on me lips, and you can tell by my really awful application (I’m still working on this whole lipstick thing) that the edges around my lower lip were a little neglected.  But lucky for me that my F-up shows that when you apply a sheer coat its more blue toned! And the lasting power is absolutely fantastic! Not only did it stay for a really long time, but this baby stains your lips like crazy!

What I don’t like:  This is a love hate thing.  I love that the stains my lips because then I don’t have to reapply that much.  But it stains, and the stain lingers.  I applied this in the morning and the next morning my lips were still a red color.  So apply with caution because if you get outside your lip line, you will be dealing with that for a long time to come!

Overall, I love this lipstick and I really want to try more of these Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks.  This is now my go-to red lipstick, even though I’m scared to death of red lips.   I have a feeling this will be a staple next holiday season.

Grade: A-

Price: $7.99

19 thoughts on “Covergirl Hot Passion Lip Perfection Lipstick Review!

  1. This looks phenomenal on you! Apparently this is Taylor Swift’s favourite red lipstick! 🙂 xoxo

  2. I’ve always wanted to try Covergirl’s lipsticks, especially this one because, as people say, it’s the shade Taylor Swift mostly wears! 😛 (And I LOVE her red lips!!!)
    Great to know that the review is positive!
    What sucks is that Covergirl is nowhere to be sold here in Italy! 😦

    • thank you! you should try one out, they’re pretty nice for a cheaper lipstick. i want to try out a few of their nude shades to see how they hold up. since this one stains, i want to try one that doesn’t to really test the staying power

  3. Heavenly is my favorite, its a nude-y pink shade. My first red was an Urban Decay lipstick, I think the tip they gave me was to use lip liner first and it seemed to work out better than straight lipstick. Other than that, you could try something like OCC Lip Tars and a brush to get more control (those last FOREVER too – so much so that my boss asked me who makes my lipstick because I went the whole day without reapplying). This is a pretty red, I hope it didn’t deter you from trying more! 🙂

    • oh i’ll definitely have to try out heavenly! i really want to pick up a few of these lipsticks in neutral shades. and i have a few OCC lip tars on my list too! my sephora only sells 2 shades right now and i would rather buy them in store than online. hopefully i get my hands on some too

  4. Thanks for this review! Someone gave me this exact color but since I’m a nude lipstick girl I gave it away. Saw this and now I will be purchasing one lol I love how it stains your lips and you don’t have to re-apply often.

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