Zoya Earth Day Promotion is Back!!

ZP_EarthDay-Exchange_2013BZoya Earth Day Promotion is Back!! This is my favorite sale of the year! I seriously look forward to this sale all year and have already put in my order the second that this sale became available.  I wanted to make sure all of you guys were aware of how this sale works and that its going on for just 1 week.

From Zoya:

Hooray for Earth Day! Once again, Zoya is helping you do a little spring cleaning with the return of the Earth Day Zoya Nail Polish Exchange* for 2013. Clean out your nail polish wardrobe and get rid of old nail polish that may not be BIG5FREE (Free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor) and exchange it for a greener alternative – long lasting, award winning, healthy Zoya Nail Polish bottles!



Now’s the perfect time to make the switch to an eco-chic beauty routine! From April 19, 2013 – April 26, 2013 (11:59pm EST),exchange your old, unwanted nail color for toxin-free ZOYA Nail Polish for only $4 per bottle plus shipping and handling fees. Rest assured – ZOYA will properly dispose of your old polish. 

For all of you looking to participate in this sale and to get a few new Zoya’s, here’s how it works …

  1. Go to Zoya.com and pick out the polishes that you want.  Its a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 24 for this sale.
  2. This EXCLUDES Pixie Dust polishes (sorry guys! I was disappointed too)
  3. Apply to code ZOYAEARTH2013
  4. This code will give you 50% off your order! This EXCLUDES shipping though.  And unfortunately for all of you who (like me) and have codes for free shipping, you can’t use it.  Shipping is $6.95 minimum so be prepared for that.
  5. Put in your credit card and wait for your order!
And for all of you who don’t have a Zoya account, which you may need to place this order, you can always sign up with my Share The Love link.  No pressure at all, if you want to sign up on your own you can too just by creating an account.  But if you do sign up with the link you automatically get 100 points added to your account which you can use towards free shipping on a future order or a free nail polish! If you have other friends who have a Zoya account you can sign up through their link as well and get points that way too!
Happy shopping guys! And if you get any polishes let me know which ones you got!


7 thoughts on “Zoya Earth Day Promotion is Back!!

  1. I placed my order this morning! In the years since I’ve been buying Zoya, I’ve only actually exchanged once. Shameful, right? *sigh* I always look forward to the Earth Day Sale and knew right away I wanted to some of the new colors. I got: Thandie, Rocky, Rikki, Micky, Yanna, Amy, Hazel and Josie. Woohoo! ♥

    • i got Rikki and Josie too! i contemplated getting hazel too but i have a few zoyas that are similar, like fei fei and crystal, and i never wear them. its awesome that you got a lot of the summer colors tho! let me know what you think of them!

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