Monday Manicure Spam!

Welcome to another edition of  Monday Manicure Spam!

One problem with blogging about nail polish is that I don’t like to show the same manicure twice, or review a polish multiple times.   But I am also a girl who likes to wear nail polish.  I don’t buy nail polish just to wear it once, write about it and then move on to the next one.  I buy polish to wear it!  Since I try to blog almost every day (lately I’ve been awful about that!), being a polish-repeater is a necessity and this is an easy way not to bore you guys with the same ol’ stuff every day!

Here are pictures of some manicures that I’ve been a tad obsessed with this Spring! Although the weather hasn’t really reflected the date on the calendar, I still have been craving pastels.

If you want to read about the individual polishes used in each manicure, just click on the name below the picture and it will take you to my original post.  And yes, I do change my nail polish almost every day! Hope you enjoy this manicure spam!

IMG_6649OPI “Rumples Wiggin” and Black Cat Lacquer “Let Them Eat Cake”

IMG_6680Zoya “Kristen” and Deborah Lippmann “Glitter in the Air”

IMG_6684Illamasqua “Milf” and Black Cat Lacquer “Let Them Eat Cake”

IMG_6686Deborah Lippmann “New Flesh” and OPI “Pirouette my Whistle”

IMG_6761Julep “Sally” and Black Cat Lacquer “Let Them Eat Cake”

Hope y’all enjoyed this Manicure Spam! Which one was your favorite?

8 thoughts on “Monday Manicure Spam!

  1. Oooh, I like Let Them Eat Cake best on the yellow but all of them look great. Where did you get that polish? I always want to get indie polish but never get around to it.

    • i got it off etsy. and i’m the same way with indie polishes, i have so many that i would love to get but its not always convenient. you have to get em online, paying for shipping sucks, there isn’t that many reviews as mainstream polishes, and sometimes pictures online can be deceiving. i really liked black cat lacquer tho, but its a sheer glitter

      • I’m almost sure you’ll know what I’m talking about but have you seen that snow angel one? I think that’s what its called, at least that specific shade. It’s a soft white glitter from an indie designer, I LOVE it but I don’t think the person makes it anymore. It’s the only one that’s really stuck with me. 🙂

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