Zoya “Neely”

IMG_6518First off I have to apologize for the colors in these photos.  I tried so hard to get a color accurate photo but today it was rainy and stormy.  I don’t think it it ever got light enough outside to take a picture.  But I haven’t showed you guys this polish yet, and I’ve really be loving it this Spring.  This is a new one from Zoya, so if any of you are still contemplating your Zoya Earth Day order, then here’s an awesome one!

IMG_6521Zoya “Neely” is a light green creme shade that leans a little bit towards a mint green shade.  The polish is just a tad more green than the pictures show.  But its such a perfect spring time green.  Most mints that I have in my collection lean too blue but this one is just the perfect touch of blue.  I also love how chalky this polish is.  I know a lot of people use the word chalky in a negative way, but I absolutely love the stark brightness of this polish.

IMG_6519The formula on this shade is just as great as the color is.   A lot of pastels that I have require 3 coats and are really streaky.  This one on the other hand, was just 2 coats and it was completely opaque.  It dries really fast as well.  The only bad part about this polish was that by the 7th finger on the second coat, it started to get a little bit thick.  But if you take your time its not a problem.  Overall, I really love this polish and highly recommend it to anyone who loves pastels as much as I do.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this shade? What are your favorite pastels?

21 thoughts on “Zoya “Neely”

  1. I actually have one similar, but its a Hello Kitty from H&M and its surprisingly really good!! I have been trying to find a back up bottle, but couldnt find any. Neither on social medias… Now I know Zoya has one if I run out 😉 Thanks pretty girl!! 🙂 ❤

    • oh i love H&M polishes! but they don’t sell them in any of the H&M’s near me. i got lucky and had a good friend get me some from canada. but yeah neely is an awesome shade, so if you ever get it i bet you’ll really like it

  2. I love this one, too! I agree about the formula, too…it was easy to work with compared to most pastels. Also…what’s up with the finickiness (is that even a word?!) of pastel polishes?! I pretty much always do 3 coats when I wear them, but didn’t have to with Neely or Blu. 🙂

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