Fashion and Perfume Haul!

Hey Everyone! I hope that you’re having a great Thursday.  Today is my last day of school before exams start.  So I have some time to kill between classes, and I figured I would post a Fashion Haul on my blog.  I posted this a few days ago on my YouTube channel and figured I could share it here too.  I hope you enjoy and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Fashion and Perfume Haul!

  1. Your yoga pants sound like they might be made by the same factory as Lululemon’s. I get a lot of suiting stuff at H&M but have been pretty hooked on Express pants lately. I’m interested in suit jackets! Hahaha. Not sure if you watched Gossip Girl but since I picked up my sewing machine I have kind of been wanting to update my blazers with small strips of embellishment on the edges of the lapels, like Blair’s blazer.

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