Wet ‘n Wild Nude Awakening Palette!

IMG_6702I, like everyone else, go a little crazy when it comes to the limited edition Wet ‘n Wild palettes.  Every Winter I have to check out the new palettes that they put out.  This year, Wet ‘n Wild also released a few limited edition Spring palettes.  And it seems like Wet ‘n Wild listened to all of our comments on their previous palettes because they have finally released a neutral 8 pan palette.

I have Comfort Zone, which is neutrals and greens, but there was always something missing with that palette.  And this one answered my prayers because there is mixture of matte and shimmer shades!

IMG_6703Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts!

First up, the left side …


IMG_6705without a primer, 1 swipe

  • Browbonecream matte.  I promise this shade is pigmented! Its just the same exact shade as my skin.  Honestly, its pigmented, I’m just the same color as the lightest color in the palette.
  • Eyelid: warm brown shimmer.  In the pan it looks a lot cooler, but on my skin its pretty warm.  The shimmer isn’t overpowering either, which I really like.
  • Crease: warm brown/tan matte.  I love this shade! It is a great crease color and really compliments my green eyes.  These really warm browns help bring out my eye color, and this one is such a great shade for me.
  • Definer:  cool darker brown shimmer.  This is one of the few cool tone shadows in the palette.  While it isn’t that unique, it is a good addition to this palette.


IMG_6707without a primer, 1 swipe

  • Browbone: a warm peachy brown shimmer.  I don’t know why they call this a browbone shade because I think this is way to dark to be worn as a highlight.  However, it is gorgeous.  It’s pigmented and goes on evenly.
  • Eyelid: dark warm brown shimmer.  This one was a little patchy and not as pigmented as the rest.  It is buildable, but I purposely just did 1 swipe to see how it would go on without too much effort.  This one takes some time to get even.
  • Crease: charcoal grey shimmer.  This one isn’t as patchy as the picture would suggest.  It goes on nice and smooth and is another one of my favorites from the palette.
  • Definer: black shimmer.  This is a pigmented black and shows very “black” even with just 1 swipe and no primer.  However, it is pretty patchy.  So if you’re looking to use it to really smoke out a look, you might have to work with it a little.

Overall, for $4.99 this is a great palette! It answered all of my prayers for a Wet ‘n Wild palette because they finally included a few matte shades. While a couple of the shades are a little patchy, I can get over that for $5.  If you can get your hands on this, I highly recommend it.  And NouveauCheap did a comparison with all the shades in this palette with the Urban Decay Naked Palette! While none of the shades are dead-on-dupes, they are really really close.

Grade: A-

Price: $4.99 and limited edition so hopefully you can find it!


17 thoughts on “Wet ‘n Wild Nude Awakening Palette!

  1. I’ve been looking for this everywhere but Texas kind of sucks (even with using NouveauCheap’s map). I’m going on a search mission this weekend, something tells me I’ll have better luck in CA. Funny how geography makes such a drastic difference. It seems like a great everyday palette and I can’t get enough of neutrals.

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