Essence “Time for Romance”

IMG_6391Sorry for my lack of posts recently.  My last week of classes was last week and I’m officially in the middle of reading week for finals.  For all of you thinking about going to law school one day, reading week is the week between your last class and your first final.

It is both a blessing and a curse because while you have a week off to sleep in and casually work at your own pace, you also only have a week to learn everything.  And for those of us who may have a tendency to procrastinate (cough cough me cough cough), you have a week to stress out about all the work you should be doing and aren’t doing.  So please forgive my lack of posts because I’m much farther behind this year than I have been in previous semesters.

IMG_6394Essence “Time for Romance” is a dark rose dense glitter with chunky pink glitter pieces.  The chunky pink glitter also a little bit holographic.  This polish kind of reminds of me OPI “Teenage Dream” which I blogged about a few days ago.  I must be craving these pink opaque glitters! This was another one my friend Anca from the Netherlands sent me and she said that it was one of the most popular Essence polishes.  I can totally understand why.

IMG_6393The formula on this polish was a alright.  While it only took 2 coats to be completely opaque it was a really thick formula.  I love when polishes like this are super opaque but this one was the total opposite when it came to dry time.  Most opaque glitters dry really quickly but this one took forever to dry.  But that’s alright because it is so pretty and girly! This might be a great work polish.

What do you guys think? What is your favorite Essence polish? What is your favorite glitter?

14 thoughts on “Essence “Time for Romance”

  1. Wow, so pretty! I wish I had more glitter polishes. I only have two – Barry M’s silver glitter polish and OPI’s Pink Yet Lavendar. I really love the OPI, it’s such a gorgeous girly pink, but it takes way too long to dry.. more than 15 minutes before I can even touch it without smudging it. The Barry M one is really quick drying though so I think I’ll have a look at more from that range!

    • oh wow i’m glad i didn’t buy pink yet lavender if it takes that long to dry. and i love barry m polishes and wish that i had access to it! last time i was int he UK i picked up a ton of them and love them all

      • Have you tried finding them on Amazon? I’ve managed to get quite a few polishes from there that aren’t available here at pretty reasonable prices. I think that OPI one was about £5.

        I love Barry M! They bring out new polishes and colours quite regularly which I love. My favourite showy ones right now are the foil effect polishes, they’re gorgeous!

      • no but i just traded in my school books on amazon so i have a rather large credit on my amazon account. so i’ll be doing a lot of shopping and hopefully i can find some awesome polishes!

  2. I passed up OPI’s Crown Me Already and since then I’ve completely regreted that decision, like you said before its one of those never found again polishes. Haha. But I think Crown Me Already is a great glitter. I’ve been using easier to remove Essie Luxeffects a lot lately (specifically the flakie one and the pearl one). I’m too impatient for normal glitter most of the time. Hahaha. This one also kind of reminds me of Butter Rosie Lee too. Speaking of glitters, Butter Black Knight is really nice.

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