Koh “Jewel”

IMG_6434It feels so good to blog again!  It has been almost a week since I’ve been able to get to a computer for anything else besides studying, let alone getting on here to blog and respond to comments.  Finals is always really stressful but this semester it seems more soul-crushing than normal.  Last semester I had 4 finals within a week and this semester I have 3 within 2 weeks, but for some reason this semester is so much more stressful than the last.

I took my second final this morning and just have one more to go.  But unfortunately its the subject that I’m the most worried about.  So please stick with me for the next few days until I finally finish my second year of law school.  But today I finally caught up on blog comments, my YouTube ones are another story, and now I can bring to you guys a new polish to my collection! And this polish is perfect for summer!

IMG_6436Koh “Jewel” is another polish that was sent to me from Sabrina, The Polish Alcoholic, in our swap back in February.  I wish I had taken pictures of the packaging of this polish because this polish comes in its own “case.” The polish comes in a snap close enclosure that reminds me of an old lipstick case that my mom had.  It almost reminds me a little coffin.  The color is absolutely perfect for summer.  It is a bright light green with silver shimmer.  It is so bright on your hands, but still light at the same time, making it the perfect transition color between spring and summer.

IMG_6435The formula on this polish is hit and miss.  This is just 1 coat! Yep, 1 coat.  Looking at the pictures now, I can see that I should have used 2 because there is some streaks that are still visible.  Although you can see streaks, it isn’t streaky at all.  But this polish sure is thick.  And it doesn’t really even out easily on the nail.  But that could also be changed with applying another coat.  The dry time is pretty good considering that it is a thicker consistency polish.  Overall, I love this color and I think it will be amazing after a little bit of thinner!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite bright greens? What are your favorite Koh polishes?

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