Maybelline Color Tattoo Seashore Frost Swatch and Review!

IMG_6776Have any of you ever had a product in your head that you just can’t get out? Or a product that you want to try really badly, but then can’t find anywhere? And then that long and extended search makes you want that product even more? That’s what happened to me with this new Limited Edition Maybelline Color Tattoo.  I blame my obsession with Nouveau Cheap.

IMG_6778This spring/summer, Maybelline released new Limited Edition shades of their popular Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows.  And most of them in the line are duochrome.  Confession time: I don’t own a single Color Tattoo until this one.  I just wasn’t that interested.  But when I saw reviews on blogs, I knew I had to have this unique shade! And, based on other blogs I’ve read, this is the most duochromatic of all the new color tattoos.

IMG_6777Warning! This post is really picture heavy! So keep reading for swatches and my full review!

NOTE: I looked at the Maybelline website and these weren’t listed.  So hopefully your local Walgreens or CVS will be stocked with these.  Also, I only picked up the one color, based on swatches that I saw on Nouveau Cheap.  If you want to see the rest, you can go check out her site!

Let me do my best to describe the color … It’s a blue/beige duochrome that sometimes has a green tint to it, and other times a warm gold tone to it.




IMG_6783I tried to get every angle on my hand so you guys can see the different shades that it turns.  It is really duochromatic and has a strong color shift.  The second picture on the top shows the color the best, being a warm beige at one angle and a nice soft dusty blue at another angle.

But how does it look on?  All of these pictures are of the product from the lid to above the crease without a primer or any other shadow.  I just added mascara because who goes out with eyeshadow on and not mascara?


IMG_6800(please don’t judge my dark circles! this was during finals!)

IMG_6805This photo shows the color shift the best. Its beige in the center of the lid and blue at the lash line and outer V

What I like:  I love the feeling of this product.  It is harder to the touch when you first put your finger into the pot, but it seems to almost melt with your body heat.  That also makes it really easy to apply and really easy to blend.  The color is also super super unique! I’ve seen nail polishes this shade, but this is the first time I’ve seen an eye shadow.

What I don’t like:  This isn’t as pigmented as I thought it would be.  While this is my first Color Tattoo, I do have other cream eye shadows, such as the Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow.  Compared to the other cream shadows in my collection, this is a little more sheer.  It is buildable, which is a good thing, but this color definitely isn’t in your face once its on your lid.  Also, on me, it isn’t 24 hours of wear on its own.  I don’t know if I have abnormally oily or crease-y eyelids, but this creased on me within 8 hours.

This isn’t a positive or negative, but I’m a little lost on how to wear this.  On its own, its really pretty but every once in a while I’ll look in the mirror and have major 80s full on blue eyeshadow (which scares me).  I still have to play with it, but I was wondering if any of you have any ideas on looks to do! Please help a girl out!

Overall, I really like this and now want a ton more Maybelline Color Tattoos.  You may be seeing a ton more in the future from me! The longevity is great, but isn’t all day like others have reported (but that’s probably my anatomy).  But please help me out with suggestions on how to wear this.

Grade: A-

Price: $6.99 limited edition

16 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo Seashore Frost Swatch and Review!

  1. I love this one. It does have more slip than the other color tattoos that I own and use. (I have the rest of this collection, and haven’t played with them yet). I found the color easy to build up by tapping more on until I reached the color payoff I wanted. And word on the street is, the purple from the core line is hard to work with. IMO these are great for a base color, or to wear on their own. And sometimes I wear them with a primer. I haven’t noticed more wear time either way, but for me, using as a base for shadows, really keeps things locked in place. Keep playing, and I bet you will love them as well.

    • thanks! i just picked up barely branded and love that one too! i think my eye lids are a little oiler than most peoples because all of these products crease on me. but i have found that they’re great quality and work amazing as bases and on their own. i still am trying to figure out what shadows to pair with this shade tho to really make it sing!

  2. It looks good on you! I saw that Nouveau Cheap post too! LOL I made Toby go to the out of the way Bed, Bath & Beyond and discovered that one had a whole beauty department! Anyways, I saw it there but my instincts told me no, I already have too much makeup and these shades wouldn’t flatter me. It was a sad day to walk away from them BUT I do have the taupe, sparkly grey, sparkly maroon and orange. They make really great bases. I do want more too, there’s a teal one that looks amazing and I think they’re a few dollars cheaper at Walmart, like ~$5.

    • oh i’ll have to check out walmart! i really want the lilac color thats new this summer. but i also heard that these things dry out fast so i doubt i’ll get any more because i’ll never go through the 4 that i do have before they go bad.

      • They do dry out fast. Oddly enough, one I have from when they first came out is still going strong, but some of the LE ones from fall were so dry that I had to pitch them! Good staying power but they don’t last long enough in the pot unfortunately!

      • aww that sucks! i’m using them more often i think because i’m so scared they’re gonna dry up. and because i use them a lot, they’re probably drying up faster lol this may be a no win situation

  3. These eye shadows have intense pigmentation which is something that can often be hard to find in a cream eye shadow as generally speaking most of these are sheer and although they make wonderful bases they do not suffice as a good eye shadow. The pigmentation is probably my favourite part of these products they actually are true to colour and look the same as they do in the packaging when applied to the eye lids. (I’m sure we’ve all bought a gorgeous looking lipstick or bright coloured eye shadow before only to find it looks nothing like it does in the bullet or pan) These really have the wow factor and you don’t need to stick an identical shadow on top to get that killer pigmentation.

    • do you have any suggestions on what to wear with this one??? like maybe a color to wear in the crease or outer corner? i don’t think my eyes can carry just this color on its own so i keep playing with different colors in the crease

  4. Thanks for reviewing this color! I have a number of their 24 Hour Color Tattoos, but I haven’t used that one. It’s a shame that it’s not as pigmented- all the ones I have are very rich. I use my foundation as a primer and use a brush to apply the shadow. While it’s usually pretty pigmented, it’s fairly tough to blend with other colors (or so I’ve found), so I typically use it as a base color. Thanks again!

    • no problem! i just got barely branded and its super opaque, so now i understand that seashore frost isn’t that pigmented. i’m still trying to figure out what shadows to pair it with tho and thats the hard part. i’ve just been putting bronzer in the crease and seashore frost all over the lid, but i don’t know if thats a winning combo

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