Look for Less! Dupe Alert?

IMG_6097Welcome to another edition of The Look for Less!  Since I have so many polishes in my collection, there are times that I’ll come home with a polish and look at others in my collection and realize that I already have something similar.  That happened to me this past fall when I bought Butter London “Queen Vic.” I was absolutely obsessed with the berry purple shade, until I realized that I already had something similar.

IMG_6098I picked up Zoya “Sofia” over a year ago and fell in love.  I had to know if the two shades were really dupes of each other so I compared them side by side.

Keep reading to see if they really are dupes!



IMG_6105Index and Ring fingers: Zoya “Sofia”Middle and Pinky fingers: Butter London “Queen Vic”

As you can see, they aren’t dupes.  But they’re pretty dang close! So close that I don’t think you need both.  Formula wise, these polishes are pretty identical.  They are almost opaque with 1 coat, but do require 2.  They both dry really quickly and dry to a really glossy finish. 

Which one do I like better? Its a toss up! Since the formulas are pretty much the same its all a question of color.  Queen Vic is slightly more purple and berry toned, and slightly lighter.  Sofia is a little darker and has more red to it.  I like both, but I don’t need both.

Which do you prefer? Do you have either of these?

11 thoughts on “Look for Less! Dupe Alert?

  1. Well, I have both of them and it never really occurred to me how similar they are until I saw your pics! lol It figures…I’m the queen of buying colors I already have, but at least I know what I like, right?! HA! If I had to choose between the 2, I’d probably pick Queen Vic. I have a slight obsession with all things English, especially Queen Victoria. 😀

  2. Reblogged this on mellificentm and commented:
    Hmm, I’ve just discovered you can reblog on WordPress. Are they trying to turn it into something like Tumblr? — Well, anyway, berry-colors are one of my favorites, and I’d never seen either of these two before.

  3. I would pick the Zoya one that’s more my colour. The butter london one is way darker but it’s simulair

  4. Those two colours are gorgeous! Here in Asutralia, today I went shopping to buy the OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girls Mini Set (long name!) and I did buy it but while I was looking I saw so many discontinued polishes! I saw that Serena Williams Grand Slam Set including Servin up Sparkle, Vodka and Caviar and Teenage Dream (I came so close to buying it!) Just thought I would let you know 🙂

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