OPI “You’re Such A Budapest”

IMG_6730This is my 600th post! I still can’t believe that I had 100 posts, let alone 600.  I started my blog 2 years ago but only posted a few times in those first few months.  So I can’t believe that I’ve stuck with it this long and that there are still people out there who read my crazy thoughts.

I also started my summer internship today! Today is a big day for my real life and online life.  I will admit, I didn’t wear this shade today for my first day in the office.  I wore a nice nude which will definitely show up in a future Throwback Thursday post.  But today I wanted to show you a new polish of mine and one that has turned into possibly my favorite polish this spring!

IMG_6731(little blurry, sorry!)

OPI “You’re Such A Budapest” is a periwinkle purple.  Most of the time periwinkle is a bluish shade, but this is definitely one that leans more purple.  The color is absolutely stunning and just screams bright and cherry spring.  Looking at the pictures makes me want to put this polish right back on.  Inside the polish looks like a dusty blue but outside it becomes a bright purple.  I love chameleon polishes like this!

IMG_6729Although the color is absolutely incredible and one of my favorites of the season, I am not in love with the formula.  The formula is pretty thin and almost a little watery.  While that helps with the dry time, its a little tough to work with.  So you have to be  careful that you aren’t flooding your cuticles when you apply, especially if you have thin nail beds due to the OPI wide brush.  It takes 3 coats to be completely opaque but once it gets there it just sings.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish?

15 thoughts on “OPI “You’re Such A Budapest”

  1. It reminds me of Lilacism by Essie!!! I recently got it and reviewed it on my blog! 😉
    I love how this shade suits your skin! ^_^ Too bad for the formula! 😦

  2. I have got this polish but you brought i because of me lol. Congrats with your 600th blogpost hun! Youve done great so far and i know you will keep doing it anyway 😉 Good luck with your internship

    • thanks so much lu! i don’t think i’ve ever told you, but i really really appreciate you! you comment on every post and video, you’re always encouraging, and always so kind. i really appreciate your friendship and just want to say that you’re fantastic!

  3. Such a bomb.com blog Holly ! Love your taste in all polishes as I have told you ad nauseam ! Oh well good things deserve repeating ! Kathy

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  4. Oh I love this colour so much! May have to splash out the £11 ($16) on a bottle of OPI for it! 🙂

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