Anny “Smokey Jewel”

IMG_6420Do you guys ever get a little out of sorts when your routine is changed? I never thought I was a routine person.  I liked to think that I was more spontaneous.  But as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to realize that I do like my weekly routines.  So now that school is over and I’m working full time, I’m trying to come up with a new routine that’s going to work for me.

But today I have another beauty from Anny that Sabrina sent to me in out swap.  I know that everyone is getting in the mood to start wearing their neon polishes, but there is something so sexy about a dark polish.  So while I’ve been living in my pastels and bright colors lately, I definitely can appreciate and love a vampy blue.

IMG_6421Anny “Smokey Jewel” is a dark dusty blue creme.  Its almost like the crelly formula, a cross between a creme and a jelly.  But there is a grittiness to this polish that you can only really see on the first and second coats.  This polish was perfectly named because it is like a smokey dark sapphire.

IMG_6419The formula on this polish was a little sheer but workable.  It took 3 coats to be opaque, but it dried pretty quickly so I didn’t mind too much that I needed a 3rd coat.  The formula was a little bit thinner too, but not so watery that its a problem.  Overall, I really like this polish and its a great dark blue! While I have a ton of navy blues in my collection, I don’t have any that have this dusty quality to it.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite dark blues? Do you have any Anny polishes (that made me laugh a little while typing it)

9 thoughts on “Anny “Smokey Jewel”

  1. Well, no….I don’t have any Annys! LOL But that’s a beautiful dark blue! I love my dark polishes and wear them all year round. I hope you’re liking your job and I’m sure you’ll get into the groove in no time! Hmmm…some of my favorite dark blues would be: Zoya – Ibiza, Natty, Kelly & Cynthia; butter LONDON – Bluey, Big Smoke (LOVE) & Royal Navy (I use 2 layers of a base coat because it stains like a mofo); China Glaze – Little Drummer Boy or Midnight Mission, Bermuda Breakaway (more of a medium-dark) & First Mate. That’s all I can think of!! lol

  2. Hadn’t realised til i read that i was dark blue…! Lol do love it though but i find i can be impatient when it comes to varnish so having to do quite a few coats can be a pain.

    • very true, sometimes its just annoying to have to do a million coats. i need to be in the perfect mood to work with a polish that takes a lot of coats. i bet you can find an awesome one that takes less coats

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