Zoya “Josie”

IMG_6807If you guys watched my Zoya Haul video, which is one of my most recent posts, then you know that I picked up some new summer shades! When I opened my box I knew that one of the first shades that I was going to wear was the grass green shade.  I’ve really been into green lately, as you will see in some of the posts to come.  And I type that while staring at my yellow nails at the moment (I’m really behind on posts guys!)

I did want to note something really quick … This color just didn’t photograph correctly at all! I think this shade of green just hated my camera and turned my skin bright red.  The most polish-color correct photo is the one directly below these words.

IMG_6808Zoya “Josie” is a grass green creme.  It is the perfect medium shade of green.  Y’all know that my favorite color is green, both in real life and on my nails, so I knew that I had to have this color when I first saw the promotional materials.  And this color definitely did not disappoint! And surprisingly I don’t have anything that is close to it in my collection.

IMG_6806The formula on this polish was spot on.  It was just 2 coats to be completely opaque, without any streaks.  And the consistency was the perfect “goldilocks” formula, meaning not too thick and not too thin.  And the dry time was pretty fast too.  Overall, I’m in love and I can’t find a negative.  This is a great polish and if you love greens then this is a must have!

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