OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape”

IMG_6785Happy Memorial Day to all of you who are in the US!  I hope that all of you who celebrate had a great time with friends and family, and maybe fired up that grill.  I think Memorial Day is also the unofficial national BBQ day, so I know that I am completely stuffed with great cookout food.

Aside from the food and family, today is also a day to give thanks to all of those who served in our nations armed services.  So  even if you aren’t from the US, take the time to appreciate your countries armed service members because we will never truly know how much these soldiers do.  Both of my grandfathers, one of my uncles and 2 cousins have served and I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with 3 out of the 5 of those great men.

Now I will get off my little soap box and talk about a great summer polish!

IMG_6786OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape” is a light mint green.  But one of my friends Yukie, from Yukieloves.com and WarmVanillaSugar0823 on YouTube, informed me that her bottle of Gargantuan Green Grape was much more green with a strong yellow tone to it.  She sent me a picture and her bottle looked much more like Essie “Navigate Her”, more of a pistachio yellow green.

So be prepared that there are 2 different versions of this polish floating around.  It seems as if my bottle is the anomaly, but I picked mine up really recently and all the bottles on the shelf were the same minty color.

IMG_6784The formula on this polish is similar to a lot of other OPI pastel cremes.  Is it just me, or do all OPI pastel cremes have a super watery formula.  I even looked on my shelf and this one, You’re Such a Budapest, the entire Shrek collection, and a few more polishes all are like applying a watercolor paint to your nails.  And because its really thin and watery, it takes 3 coats to be opaque.  The plus side to a watery formula is that it makes for a fast dry time.

Although I didn’t really give this a glowing review, I really do love this polish! It is a gorgeous mint and probably my favorite mint in my collection now, which is saying a lot because I have a lot of mint greens! This really is great, just be on guard about which of the 2 Gargantuan Green Grape’s you get!

What do you think? Do any of you have this polish? What is your favorite mint?

15 thoughts on “OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape”

  1. I have this polish, and mine is definitely more of a yellow-based green. Not minty at all! Still love it though!

  2. Navigate Her is pretty nice… I’m loving L’oreal’s Pistachio Dream, it has the slightest bit of iridescence to it. I went on a mission for the Versailles Romance Collection, bummer that I couldn’t find Macaroon Me Madly (the peachy shade) that I was looking for. I’m still looking for my true plan green polish (kind of like the text color on your side menu panel…) Oh no! I almost forgot about Butter London’s British Racing Green, I do LOVE that shade too… Anything Aston Martin and I’m absolutely sold. Haha

    • oh british racing green has been on my wish list for a while! its so stunning but i have to wait until ulta has another sale. and i’ll have to try to find the versailles collection too. i saw it but didn’t think about it too much, and now everyone is talking about it! i need to try to hunt it down

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