Top 10 Butter London Polishes!

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I started a new series on my YouTube Channel that is all about my Top 10 polishes from certain brands.  If any of you are new to nail polishes, or what to try a new brand but don’t know which polishes to start with, you can get a few ideas from these videos.

I started with my Top 10 OPI’s, which you can check out here! And now I’m showing you guys my Top 10 of another one of my favorite brands, Butter London.  While these polishes are really expensive, they are some of my favorites in my collection.  And out of all of the ones that I have, here are my favorites!

Top 10 Butter Londons:
Knees Up
Teddy Girl
Artful Dodger
No More Waity Katie
Lillibets Jubilee
All Hail the Queen

Honorable Mentions!
Queen Vic
The Black Knight
Tart with a Heart
Rosie Lee

Hope Y’all Enjoy!! What are your favorite Butter London polishes?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Butter London Polishes!

  1. Oh my goodness…where to start?! lol After seeing your video, I ran out to get Toff but I haven’t worn it yet. I’m pretty sure I listed some of my faves on your video, but was restricted to only so many characters – lol! Anyway, so many of my faves are on your list with the exception of Knees Up and Wallis which I don’t have. So, to add to your already awesome list, I’ll say: Yummy Mummy, Cream Tea, Jaffa, Branwen’s Feather, Fiver AND Bossy Boots (yep…love those minty greens!), Big Smoke, Scoundrel, Cuppa, Blowing Raspberries (doesn’t look so special in the bottle, but OMG…love!), Lady Muck, Macbeth, Chimney Sweep and Trustafarian (please check this one out if you don’t have it!) and yeah…I’ll end it here! Getting ready to put on Molly-Coddled for the first time, so I’ll let you know if it’s list-worthy – lol!

    • do you have 2 finger salute?? that is the one butter london that i want more than anything right now. its a nordstrom exclusive, and i don’t know if it was limited edition or not. and i really want to trying blowing rasberries now! thanks for all the inspiration lu!

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