Anny “Pool Girl”

IMG_6407Happy Sunday everyone! It seems like Summer is finally in full swing.  I know that technically, my calendar says that it is still Spring until June 21, but it is in the 80s and sunny and beautiful.  So in honor of Summer getting started, I’m bringing an awesome bright blue that is perfect for summer.

This polish was given to my by my dear friend Mariska.  One thing that I really love about nail polish and blogging is that it brings girls together from all over the world.  I met Mariska almost a year ago and she is so lovely, sweet, beautiful, and has turned into a great friend.  She sent me a care package over the winter with this beautiful bright blue and I finally am busting it out since its perfect for a day like today!

IMG_6409Anny “Pool Girl” is a light cornflower blue with a little touch of green.  It really is the perfect name for this color blue because it does remind me of a chlorine pool in the sunlight.  And because its a crelly formula, you still have that visible nail line which reminds me even more of a pool.  And my favorite part is how shiny this polish is! This is without a top coat and its so glossy.

IMG_6406The formula on this polish is a crelly, which is a mix between a creme and a jelly.  It looks like a jelly once its on the nail and even applies a little like a jelly, but its so opaque that you couldn’t use it for any jelly sandwiches.  This is just 2 coats and its almost completely opaque.  I thought it was completely opaque until I uploaded the pictures and saw a little visible nail line.  The consistency was really easy to deal with and the dry time was absolutely great.

Overall, this is an awesome polish and surprisingly I don’t have any polishes that are similar.  Thank you again Mariska, this polish is incredible! And so are you!

What do you guys think of this polish? What are your favorite Anny polishes?

10 thoughts on “Anny “Pool Girl”

  1. Ahh, that’s such a pretty colour! I need to find one like this for summer! (I don’t think I’ve evee seen that brand here)

    A slightly off topic question… How do you keep your nails square like that? I’ve never had problems with breaking etc until I started trying to file mine square, then the corners just kept tearing off! 😦

    • aww thank you! the brand is from the netherlands, a friend of mine sent it to me. i know it isn’t the most available polish but i bet theres something similar in the states. and i attribute it to my base coat, which is nailtiques formula 2. i still get breaks but for the most part they’re pretty strong and its all from finding the right base coat

  2. I really love to see that you like it! And HA it’s not simulair to your other blue’s that’s good! Thankyou Holly!

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