Colors of the Rainbow Tag!

Hey everyone! There is a really cute tag video that is going around YouTube at the moment.  Its the Colors of the Rainbow Tag! The concept is to find your favorite thing in your collection that has the full ROY G BIV spectrum.  You can show a something that the product itself is a certain color, or you can include something that has a specific packaging.

The products I picked for the colors are …
Red: covergirl lipstick in “hot passion”
Orange: got 2 be kinkier double curling power mousse
Yellow: jo malone lemon tart perfume
Green: vanilla bean noel line from bath and body works
Blue: coconut oil
Indigo: urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray
Violet: revlon lipgloss in “lilac pastelle”
Pink: dorco shai razor
Multicolored: tart for true blood palette

I figured I would challenge some of my fellow bloggers to do for their blogs!  Even if you do make videos, you can still take pictures of your favorite products and share them.

I Tag …


Christina from Adventures in Polishland
Judy from Middle Aged Beauty Queen
Melissa from Pink Lady Beauty (I would love to see your video too girl!)
Blondes Love Cupcakes
Viv from Nail Art Addict
Sabrina from the Polish Alcoholic

And YOU! If you do this tag, please let me know so I can check it out!!

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