Pop Beauty “Mint Magic”

IMG_6827I guess the question of the day is … What are your lemmings?? For all of you who may wonder what I’m talking about, a lemming is a nail polish (or other item) that you want really badly but can’t get your hands on it.  And because you can’t get it, you want it even more.  Last summer, this polish was a major lemming of mine!

I first saw this polish on YouTube.  A few of the bigger named Beauty Guru’s mentioned this polish in their videos, specifically MissGlamorazzi and MissJenFabulous, and I had to have it.  And it was sold out everywhere! Fast forward a year and I finally got my hands on it!

IMG_6828Pop Beauty “Mint Magic” is a neon pastel mint green creme.  Is that even possible? I’ve never seen a neon mint green until this polish.  But I promise you guys, this polish is bright! It may not reach “true” neon status, but it is as bright of a mint green that I’ve ever found.  It is a mint that leans more to the blue side than green, but not as blue as other mints in my collection.

IMG_6826The formula on this polish wasn’t as difficult to work with as other neons that I have in my collection.  It is a little bit thick, but covers easily in 2 coats.  The dry time is really nice as well.  My only complaint with this polish is the brush is a little tricky.  Its really long with long bristles on the brush.  So its harder to control and get clean lines, as you can see from my little oops on my middle finger.  But I’ll deal with a long brush if it means that I get this really cool color!

What do you guys think? What are your favorite mint polishes? What are your lemmings right now?

15 thoughts on “Pop Beauty “Mint Magic”

  1. Darling Diva Sugar Rush is my lemming… I want and need it so bad I would give up everything to own it! Lol!!!! Love that minty green you have! Lush colour! 😀 xx

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