China Glaze “Pool Party”

IMG_6932This summer I am all about the neons!  I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever worn neon polishes.  I’ve always thought that neons were too bright, too loud, too in your face, and unless you had perfect nails you couldn’t pull it off.   So whenever other bloggers would blog about neons, I never paid too much attention.  Even when my girlfriends in real life would sport neons on their fingers or toes, I would secretly judge.

I don’t know what changed but a month and a half ago I was in Ulta and I was drawn to a few of the neons.  I ended up buying 3 China Glaze neons, one of which is a fan favorite and a future post.  But I figured I had to go big or go home and started off with the brightest of the 3!

IMG_6933China Glaze “Pool Party” is a neon coral orange.  In the bottle, it looks much more coral pink but on your nails it changes to almost a traffic cone orange with a little bit of a coral tint to it.  This sucker is BRIGHT! If you’ve ever seen this in real life then you know just how in your face and attention grabbing it is.

IMG_6931The formula on this polish was pretty bad, but apparently that is normal for neons.  Since this is the first neon polish I’ve ever tried, it was a little bit of a shock for me.  I’ve tried this polish in 2 different ways, on its own and over white.  Both ways, you’re looking at 4 coats of nail polish.  Its either 4 coats to be opaque on its own or you have to put down 2 coats of white and then 2 coats of this polish to get it even.

This is 2 coats of white and 2 coats of polish.  The dry time is pretty fast though, which is a saving grace.  It dries to a matte finish so make sure that you have a good glossy top coat!  While this is really bright and really sheer, I’m in love with this polish. I love the feeling I have while wearing it!

What do you think of this polish? What are your favorite neons?


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