Koh “Vintage Pink”

IMG_6439Today I had my Bar Admission Interview.  For those of you who may be considering law school, there are a small amount of hoops that you have to jump through in order to sit for the Bar exam.  You have to fill out a massive packet that basically breaks down your entire life.  You have to disclose all debt, tickets, jobs, homes and basically sign over your first born.

After disclosing all your secrets, you get to be interviewed by some local attorneys as well.  I had that interview today.  I’ve heard horror stories about Bar Admission Interviews lasting over an hour where you’re grilled about the smallest parking ticket you got when you had your drivers permit.  So I put on my best suit and busted out a professional looking polish.

IMG_6440Koh “Vintage Pink” is a dark rose creme.  The name of this polish is the perfect fit for the color.  It really is a vintage looking dark pink color.  It’s vintage without looking too “grandma.” It is such a universally flattering shade of dark rose that would be perfect for ever occasion.  This is another polish that the lovely Sabrina, the Polish Alcoholic, sent me in our swap this past winter!

IMG_6437The formula on this polish was absolutely incredible.  This is just 1 coat! Yep, 1 coat.  I really do love 1 coaters because it allows me to be even lazier than I already am.  The formula was a little bit thick but nothing that was too hard to deal with.  The dry time was alright for the consistency of the polish.  Overall, its a great polish and I think it will be a great fall color!

What do you guys think? Do you have any Koh polishes? What are your favorite pinks?

12 thoughts on “Koh “Vintage Pink”

  1. I love this pink on you.Good luck on the results of the interview.It sounds nerve racking.I don’t own any of this polish,in fact this is the first I’ve seen or heard of it.If they are all this quality–great stuff!My fave pink is an oldie but goodie–Rimmel Portobello Pink.

  2. Wow that’s such a lovely colour! My current favourite pinks are Rimmel’s 60s in Rose Libertine which I think is a similar colour to your polish – not quite as dark maybe, and Essie’s Van D’Go which is a strawberry milkshake kind of colour!

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