Battle of the Black Holos!!

This isn’t a true “Dupe” post, or a look for less post … because its very apparent from the bottles that these 3 polishes are different.  But I did notice that I have a lot of black or almost black holographic polishes in my collection! So I decided to do a “Battle” style post, where I show you guys 3 different polishes that fall into a similar category to see which one you and I like the best. IMG_6235

First up … Black holographic polishes.  A black holo was always something I wanted ever since I saw watches of the original OPI “My Private Jet”.  So when Color Club and Zoya each came out with black holographic polishes around the same time I didn’t hesitate to pick up both. And then when I was organizing my stash I noticed that I had a holographic from Color Club already that was similar to my new holographic. I know there are a lot more black holographic polishes in the world, but these are the ones that I have right now …


So how do all these black holographics compare? Keep reading to find out! And to see which “style” or “type” of holographic you like the best …

First lets take a look at each individual polish!


IMG_5575Zoya “Storm” is a black scattered holographic! This is definitely a true black and the scattered holographic pieces look like stars in the night sky.  It almost looks gritty when you aren’t in bright lights to catchall the rainbow coming off your nails! Just looking at this swatch makes me want to put it on again. Its completely opaque in 2 coats, dries fast, and has a glossy finish even without a top coat.

IMG_6213Color Club “Beyond” is a dark charcoal grey linear holographic.  The difference between a scattered holographic and a linear holographic is that the linear one creates a rainbow in a line formation and the scattered (like Storm above) is just random all over the nail.  The formula on this polish is fantastic! Opaque in 1 coat and super fast drying.  I absolutely love it and it gives a strong full rainbow spectrum.

IMG_3345Color Club “Revvvolution” is also a dark charcoal grey linear holographic.  The difference between this one and Beyond, above, is that this isn’t as strong of a holo.  However, my picture above doesn’t do this polish justice! The pictures below capture it much better.  Its opaque in just 1 coat, and dries really quickly!

And now on to the comparison!

IMG_6239Color Club “Beyond” vs. Zoya “Storm”

IMG_6240Natural Light

IMG_6241Artificial Light

You can tell here the difference between a scattered and linear holographic. Also, you can tell here that the Color Club polish isn’t as dark as you might think from looking at it in the bottle.  It isn’t a true black holographic, but still a really pretty dark grey!

IMG_6242Revvvolution vs. Beyond

IMG_6245Natural Light

IMG_6246Artificial Light

Next to Revvvolution, Beyond looks darker! Its funny how that works sometimes.  Revvvolution is holographic, but looks whimpy next to Beyond.  However, Revvvolution has a softness that is really nice.  It isn’t as harsh on your nails as a black or dark charcoal, and may be a little more wearable.

I guess this post is just to show that there can be a wide spectrum of holographics out there, even though they all fit under the same finish.  And even though the base colors are all similar they all have their own beauty! I can’t pick one over the other because I like them all for different reasons.  They’re all beautiful in their own way.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any of these?  What is your favorite black or dark grey holographic?

15 thoughts on “Battle of the Black Holos!!

  1. I ran upstairs to check which color club holo I had so I could comment accurately, hahaha, Toby thinks I’m crazy. Anyways, I have beyond! And yay, I’m glad I purchased Beyond over Revvvolution. I like the Zoya one but it’s more black with holo glitter instead of a straight holographic polish. I almost got a few colored holographic polishes from Color Club but my mom kept telling me it would make my complexion/hand look “dirty” I think it was just too flashy for her.

  2. I don’t have any of those. I have a Chirality holo called “The Symbiote” which she calls black, but while it may have a black base, it doesn’t read black at all. It’s a sort of charcoal gray, in practice, and I really like it. (Her holos are really pretty. She sells on Etsy if you haven’t seen them.) And then when I was in Ohio last week I bought L.A. Girls Black Illusion, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. It looks much more black, but we’ll see. (I’m just starting to get into holos. I have Zoya Blaze and Color Club Eternal Beauty and a couple more Chiralitys and that’s it.)

      • My in-laws live in Celina, south of Lima. (If we get to go to Lima shopping, that’s usually the big excitement of the trip!) I was sorry to come home to Texas because I love the weather up there in the summer. Someday I’m going to be a snowbird and spend winters down here and summers up there.

        The L.A. Girls black holo actually turned out to be really pretty, and somebody online – somewhere, I’ve forgotten where now – did a comparison and said it’s pretty much a dead dupe for Storm. I didn’t know what I was getting when I bought it so I was really pleased!

      • that sounds perfect actually. everyone in cleveland (where i live) talks about doing that, spending summers up in cleveland and the winters down south. if only i decided to be a teacher, then i could actually make my “weather living” dreams work!

  3. Great comparison! I like Storm best. And thank you for explaining the difference between linear and scattered holos; I’ve always seen the terms but never knew what they meant!

    • awww thanks girl! sometimes the easiest way to explain the difference between the 2 is seeing them side by side. storm is definitely a stunning polish, and a good alternative to a traditional black. thanks for commenting!

    • you will one day and it may be the start of an addiction! it was for me anyways. i have 3 that are similar and still want more lol. storm is definitely a stunning polish and a great alternative to a traditional black

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