Almay Intense i-color Liquid Shadow and Primer Review!

IMG_6816It has dawned on me that I haven’t done too many makeup reviews in a while! I’m sorry for all of you who started coming to my blog for makeup and other beauty items to be reviewed.  That is definitely changing so look forward to more makeup posts from me!

Sometimes I get stuck in a makeup rut and don’t purchase anything new.  But as fate would have it, I won a contest at a local Walgreens and the prizes were a few things from Almay.  When I first saw the prizes, I’ll be honest, I was kind of disappointed.  I have these awful memories of liquid shadows from way back in the day.

IMG_6817So how does liquid shadow work now? Keep reading to see swatches and my full review!

IMG_6819Packaging: The applicator is a flattened doe foot applicator.  It is almost like a paddle with a cushy end.  It picks up a lot of product so you don’t have to dip back into the tube to get more product out.  While it gets out a lot of product, it isn’t messy or have too much come out at one time.

IMG_6820At this angle you can see how much liquid shadow comes out at a time.

The consistency of the product is amazing! It isn’t too thick or too thin.  It feels really silky when you apply it to the skin.  I applied it heavily on the right and then regular on the left and blended out. So you can wear it either way, blended for a nice wash of color or really heavy for a molten metal effect.

IMG_6821The one for green eyes comes in a metallic beige.  What I couldn’t capture on camera is that there is microglitter in there! I notice it when I apply it in the morning and then go out in the sun, my eyes are all glittery.  But the glitter doesn’t fall all over your face throughout the day or make it really tacky and unwearable for every day.  Its very subtle and just brings a little light to your eyes.

IMG_6822PWhat I like: This thing LASTS!!!!! And I mean ALL DAY!! I apply it in the morning, without a primer, and its still on when I go to bed 16 hours later.  I am so impressed with the longevity of this product! And the fact that I don’t have to wear a primer with it! Some products claim to be creaseless and be used as a primer, but for some reason they always crease on me.  I can’t wear eyeshadow without a primer or else it is crease city.  But this doesn’t crease, doesn’t fade, and lasts all day!

What I don’t like: Right now I’m struggling to find something that I don’t like.  Maybe the only frustrating thing is that there aren’t names for the colors, there are just colors for different eye colors.

Overall, you NEED this! I haven’t been so impressed with a drugstore product in a really long time.  This lasts all day, doesn’t crease, works as a great primer, and the color is fantastic. It has turned into my every day shadow and I’m already sad about the thought of running out.

Grade: A

rice: $7.99

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