Top 10 China Glaze Polishes!

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I started a new series on my YouTube Channel that is all about my Top 10 polishes from certain brands.  If any of you are new to nail polishes, or what to try a new brand but don’t know which polishes to start with, you can get a few ideas from these videos.

I started with my Top 10 OPI’s, then did my Top 10 Butter Londons. And now I’m showing you guys my Top 10 of another one of my favorite brands, China Glaze.  Click on the names below to see my reviews of the polishes and pictures of them on my nails!

Top 10 China Glaze’s!
Zombie Zest
Its Alive
For Audrey
Four Leaf Clover
Ride the Waves
Secret Periwinkle
Champagne Kisses
Fast Track
Party Hearty
Twinkle Lights

Honorable Mentions!
Lubu Heels
Peachy Keen
Sweet Hook
Flip Flop Fantasy
Pool Party

Hope y’all enjoy! What are your favorite China Glaze polishes?

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