China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”


I am in full blown summer nail polish mode! I’ve been busting out all of my whites, yellows and bright blues … all colors that are signature summer time colors for me.   But back in May I went to Ulta and had a little weak “neon” moment.

I’ve never owned any neon polishes because I was always under the impression that I wouldn’t like them and they wouldn’t look good on me.  Neon’s just draw so much attention to you and your nails, and believe it or not I’m normally the person who likes to hide in the background.  I like to express myself with my nails, but I always assumed that I didn’t have the personality to pull off a neon.  Well, I got over my fear this year when Ulta had a Buy 2, get 1 free sale of China Glaze at Ulta.  I had to pick up the most popular of all the China Glaze neons!


China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy” is a neon coral-pink crème.  Actually, my mom put it perfectly when I painting my nails with this last weekend.  She said it’s a bright melon color! I had never thought of it as a melon, but now that I look at the pictures it does kind of remind me of radioactive cantaloupe (#isthatweird?)


The formula on this polish is much better than other neons that I own, but it isn’t the best either. Saying that its great for a neon is like saying that one dirty diaper doesn’t smell as bad as the other dirty diapers.  It still is shit, no matter how you put it.  This is 3 coats to reach full opacity and it goes on kind of streaky.  It does even out by the 3rd coat, but it also is really thick by the third coat.  The dry time is just ok, and it dries to a matte finish.  But I love the color so much that I don’t care if I have to spend an hour paint my nails to get them to look perfect.  I’ll put up with it for this beauty!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this color? What are your favorite neon polishes?

7 thoughts on “China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”

  1. I saw on a blog that apparently if you apply one coat of a streaky polish and then a coat of a matte topcoat, it makes the second coat work so much better. Haven’t tried it yet, but will give it a shot.

  2. I read on a blog that if you apply one coat of a streaky polish and then a coat of a matte topcoat, it makes the second coat much easier. I haen’t tried it, but will give it a shot. I love Flip Flop Fantasy. (sorry if this is a sdcond comment I have tons of trouble commenting on this site for some reason)

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