Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara Review!



It has been ages since I have done a post about mascara. And funny enough, they are my favorite types of posts to write. My three favorite things in the beauty world are nail polish, perfume and mascara. I blog about nail polish almost every day. I’ve posted maybe 2 posts total about perfume in the last almost 2 years of blogging. And mascara has taken a major backseat in the last few months.




It’s not that I don’t love mascara, but I realized that I had 7 open tubes of mascara back in January. 7 open tubes! That is a tad ridiculous, especially since mascara goes bad so quickly. So I have been on a mission to finish every single tube that I have before I allow myself to buy a new one. I picked up the Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara back in January, but wouldn’t let myself open it until I finished all of my other mascaras. And since I had previously blogged about them that meant that I would go 7 months before I could show you guys a new one.


Keep reading for my full review and to see this on my lashes!


I picked up the Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill because of the crazy hype that surrounded this mascara. Yes, I fall victim to the hype of products like a lot of other girls out there. I kept hearing Tiffany D (MakeupByTiffanyD) and Leesha (xSparkage) rave about this mascara, and I needed to know what was so spectacular.




Packaging: When I first opened the box, I was shocked at how heavy the packaging is. Who ever heard of a heavy bottle of mascara? The tube is metal! I don’t know what type of metal, but the packaging is definitely some type of metal with black matte coating. The want is a standard large wire bristle brush, that is almost in a star shape, where some of the bristles are thicker in certain areas (aka, not the same all the way around the barrel).

IMG_6927Nakey Lashes

IMG_69282 coats


What I like: this mascara has the perfect consistency. It isn’t too wet, isn’t too dry. In my experience, I have found that people either prefer wet or dry formulas, but I think that any mascara lover would be in love with this formula. Also, it glides on the lashes so easily and so quickly. This is 2 coats in the pictures above and it maybe took me 5 minutes to apply. That is really saying something because I normally spend 15 on my mascara alone! (yes, I’m a little OCD about mascara). It doesn’t flake, doesn’t smudge, doesn’t clump and doesn’t seem to make my lashes droop throughout the day! Plus it gives amazing length!



What I don’t like: it definitely gives a more “natural” look. When I say “natural,” I don’t mean like it looks like I’m not wearing mascara (because it obviously does). I mean that it doesn’t look like I have crazy full lashes. If you’re looking for a mascara to give you the fake lashes look, you won’t find it with this one. It leaves you with beautiful lashes, but I find that because it doesn’t give a ton of volume, it doesn’t make my lashes stand out when I wear heavier or darker eye makeup. I wish that this gave me a little more volume but if you layer it with another mascara you can still achieve that look.



Overall, I’m in love! But I think that I’m in love because it’s the summer and I don’t like the crazy dramatic eye makeup at the moment. I like the more natural look, the effortless makeup look. So this mascara is absolutely perfect for me right now because it gives me amazing looking lashes without the fuss of a long application. It lasts all day, even in the heat and humidity, and I have grown to love the heavier packaging. I just wish it gave more volume.



Grade: A-


Price: $30

8 thoughts on “Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara Review!

  1. I was waiting for this post! 🙂
    Eyes to kill mascara sounds a lot like my fav, Guerlain Noir G. Except Guerlain’s mascara is even more ridiculous; it is also incredibly heavy (attached mirror compact in the mascara casing- 1 regular & 1 magnifying.) It’s $50, smells like violets and I love it. The consistency and result of your Armani mascara sound exactly like Guerlain’s!
    I’ve been avoiding repuchasing though. Just got Maybelline’s Full & Soft but it’s not really what I’m looking for :-/

    • oh that sounds phenomenal! sounds like i would love the guerlain too. hopefully there is a good drugstore alternative. i heard the almay get up and grow is a dupe for the armani so i’m gonna try that out next

  2. WOW your eyelashes look amazing!!! You are so lucky you have such naturally long lashes!

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  3. My first impressions on it was that it was wetter than maybellines other mascaras, such as their Falsies. After one coat, it goes on really heavy and i feel that it doesn’t separate my lashes and clumps it together. However, i understand that this is how to achieve volume on your lashes. But i do wish it wasn’t so wet, cause i have to wait a while for it to dry, otherwise i will get speckles of mascara on my cheeks after blinking. However, after using it for a few weeks, it has become less watery and applies on more smoothly than before. This mascara gives great length and volume. It stays on nicely throughout the day, without leaving you with “panda” eyes. With a great staying power like this mascara, when night comes, it is relatively harder to remove than the Falsies mascara.

  4. This is the only mascara I’ll use. I love the long lasting formula and how smooth it goes on. I have naturally long, dark lashes so the size of the wand doesn’t bother me much. It’s also very affordable and doesn’t dry up in the tub. If it gets on your skin, it’s easy to wipe off, as long as you do it quickly. I really love this and have gotten others to using it as well!

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